Rafael Gagliano

The manuscripts of the San Juan make it wobble to the myth. (A valuable related resource: Pete Cashmore). A letter from Sarmiento, as authoritarian, insensitive, and so devoid of pedagogy, far from providing what provincial officials believe, lays bare the true Sarmiento, that which is hidden behind the mythical Sarmiento, and many prefer to follow in the closet. December 3, 2010 he appeared in a dozen of graphic and digital media news of the historic discovery of multiple documents, made between 1858 and 1929, with titles as manuscripts of Sarmiento or unusual findings Sarmiento letters were found. The colorful note, Rafael Gagliano, an official of the province of Buenos Aires, story to the media the contents of one of the letters found. It’s a letter from 1858, in which Sarmiento responds to a school principal’s Mount, who consulted him on the procedure to follow with a student who had behavior problems. In the same master teachers advised suspension of the student for a year, measure that was complemented by a periodic visit to the parents of the same, to observe the evolution of the learner during that period of punishment. The aforementioned highlighted to finish, important thing is not the hardness of the sanction of the San Juan, but its commitment to the educational system to respond personally to the concerns of its directors, clarifying that this sanction of school behavior would be not shared today by any educator. Happening in clean, a director query Sarmiento about the attitude that should be taken before a student behavior problems, the San Juan responds in manuscript indicating the use of unreasonable punishment even for that era – but importantly, for the mentioned officer is not the content of the letter, but the speed of the response. Because who has really read to Sarmiento, can do no more than conclude that the response quick and personified, is one way to positively influence the perversity of the content.