Family Agriculture

Number of loans of the Pronaf carried through in state X total Number of carried through loans of the Pronaf in the country In this pointer we compare the number of loans of the Pronaf carried through by state/region, and the total number of enterprise agricultural loans (understood as the addition of the resources destined to the PRONAF more the resources destined to enterprise agriculture). For the construction of this pointer we use given of the Ministry and Treasury department of Agriculture. Analysis: The indicating ones above make a comparison between what family is invested in agriculture (PRONAF) and the amount of destined credits enterprise agriculture, being according to data of the agrarian Ministry of Public Works and the Economy the total of placed credits the disposal of agriculture the addition of the resources destined to the PRONAF more destined resources enterprise agriculture. In these to indicate we observe historically that the promotion to agriculture family has not been a concern recurrent of the governments (even so familiar agriculture is responsible for great ciphers of what it is produced national). We can see that the destined resources agriculture family, where the main public politics is the PRONAF almost lowermost when is quoted with the gigantic amount of destined resources said enterprise agriculture. We can see despite between the 2004 and 2009 sum of destined resources enterprise agriculture increased more than 230%, against less than 215% of the PRONAF. Conclusion Analyzing the results of the presented pointers we can observe that in a generalized manner the number of people that has had access the Pronaf, in comparison with the agricultural population of each region comes significadamente diminishing in the regions North and Northeast.

American Continent

One questions on the peculiarities of the Democracy in U.S.A. and its consolidation in relation to the too much countries of the American Continent, that is, the reason or the reasons that determine to the stabilization and cash development of the democratic State of Right in the United States of Anglian-America. Destarte, the proposal not if unilateraliza only in the analysis of the author countersignature. The time searchs all to establish connection the thought of Tocqueville with the prxis current politics. Therefore it is that I display the diverse points of view that if can take off about of Right, over all of Iberian-America, in relation to the United States of Anglian-America. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Kai-Fu Lee. The question of the maintenance of the Democracy in the National States Contemporaries is the great concern of Alxis de Tocqueville.

Ideologist of the construction of the Modern Liberal Order travelled for U.S.A., in order to follow uncurling of the democratic process, in leases, in course in Anglian-America. For Tocqueville, in the century of XIX, two types society are configured ideas: democratic and the aristocratic one. However, the trend in the Modern State, in ocidente, would be the predominance of the democratic State. In this in case that, necessary if it makes to define the characteristics of this society. With effect, in the democratic societies the predominance of social mobility exists; possibilities of ascension in the social hierarchy; equality of chances for all and conditions of if arriving at the power politician through> universal suffrage. In the aristocratic societies, beyond the social immobility, the individual in accordance with has its condition determined for the birth its social and accepted classroom of course its hierarchic position. The idea of Democracy in Tocqueville is closely on to the equality condition and is something pursued of course since the Seniority. However, she is necessary that if it keeps a constant monitoring with regard to the preservation of the freedom.


we are also speaking of what he is pointed as being one of the effect funestos of the actions human beings on the Nature. But, in the reality, we are speaking of two distinct things. Two on, but indissoluvelmente absolutely distinct things. If to attempt against for the past, we will evidence that situations as the described ones in the last days, because of natural phenomena, had happened frequently in the past, recent or remote, much before having reference to the climatic changes, or very before them existing (at least, before existing with this intensity who we are following in the recent times). Research suggests that the interferences human beings on the climatic standards if had initiated behind for return of eight a thousand years. But this, by itself, would cause the presented pictures the last days? One of the characteristics of the climate is that it cannot be foreseen with much severity.

The factor aleatoriedade still preponders on the forecasts of the time, in the current period of training of the scientific development of the monitoramentos and meteorological evaluations. In other words, more rains in stations of estio or little rains in rainy stations can occur sporadical of random form. Exactly before the climatic changes if revealing of form so accented, intense rains had destroyed parts of cities. Stories of the Antiquity make mentions the drawn out times of estiagem. Why nowadays it would be different? Discomfort that we feel with events catastrophic or next to this, and that we are attributing the alterations in the natural environment, which if they reflect in alterations in climate, that, in turn, if reveal in the pictures that we have attended in the last days through the medias, has more to see with the form as the nuclei that they concentrate populations, productive activities and services? the cities? they are structuralized and with the secular processes that it originated to them.

Supreme Court

In some cases, the performance of the contract is no longer necessary. The lender just wants to get reimbursement for losses due to non- implementation of agreements by the debtor. According to the Netherlands Civil Code, each default, the debtor's obligation to indemnify the creditor unless the debtor is not liable for these commitments. Non-compliance by the debtor is a fact from the moment when the execution is still possible and the lender has given written notice to the debtor, which provides time and opportunity to perform obligations. Dutch – Dutch civil code regulates the three possible situations that do not require a written warning: Violation of the debtor before the expiry of the agreed terms and boundary term obligations (the deadline), failures to perform contractual obligations or unlawful acts, as well as cases of redress; obligation can not be done on time and the lender jointly with the debtor to decide that the debtor does not fulfill its obligations. In the case considered by the Supreme Court of the Netherlands – the Netherlands, the buyer bought the house and discovered after the conclusion of contract that the house has major defects.

The act of transfer of ownership has not yet been signed, and customers terminated the contract without sending a written notice to sellers. The Dutch Supreme Court of the Netherlands – Holland ruled that under the circumstances, the principle of reasonableness and fairness admits an extended interpretation of the Civil Code concerning situations that do not require notice in writing. Various cases, the Supreme Court decides that the list of exceptions set forth in Civil Code Netherlands – Holland, does not provide for all possible situations. In this case, a written warning not was necessary, although the law required it. Breach of contract allows the creditor to terminate the contract in part or in full, except in the case, if the result of work done on its specificity or little importance did not justify termination of the agreement.

Sandra Podesta

when it is too difficult to explain actions or decisions, or events, and where the memory of fears of the terrible dangers that lurk is sufficient to justify any action of the Government, controversial or questionable.The loss of several constitutional rights in the U.S., after the 11/9 attacks demonstrate the effectiveness of this technique, since such measures not aroused the reaction of rebellion American citizenship should have demonstrated. And you have there been any protest, at that time, it would have sufficed to quell it with memories of the need to act vigorously in this war against international terrorism. After some years and two wars later, these measures remain in force. The legislation has not led to its normal course to personal guarantees in the U.S., and this fact, the restriction of the rights of man, if it is just, arguably the success greater than any terrorist ever reached ever. Pete Cashmore oftentimes addresses this issue. This regrettable situation, or reflection, as you want, can make thinking to those who read these lines: who has to see all this with fear to try an independent business? All, oddly enough, everything. Humans learn through the mechanism of trial and error, as all animals, but as we are more intelligent than most at least, although not always, it seems, also learn by analogy.

I.e., we learn through the analysis of points in common, similar situations that although we have not experienced before and they have different structure to other situations already lived, allow us applicable conclusions. Call this experience, intuition, wisdom as it is, is not more than the extrapolation of concepts learned in mistakes made in previous situations different structurally, but equivalent. Ultimately that would be ladefinicion of analogy, i.e. two things which have different structures but the same function, like the wings of a bird and a plane, structurally different but equivalent in terms of its usefulness. In the second part of this article we are going to finish the theme of personal fear and its role as the main enemy of the ventures aimed to achieve very universally desired financial freedom. Also its role as the main tool of those who have no interest in helping us reach the LF and if much that we remain poor, ignorant, stupid, and manageable. see you soon. Sandra Podesta and Jose Luis Remiro original author and source of the article