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Updated Volvo S60 sedan is elegantly flowing lines and a new style, which moves it to the forefront in the category of luxury sedan. He now meets modern requirements such as "intelligent" pedestrian protection. Volvo_S60/S60-2-480.jpg '> Although he has an even more sporty look, it has increased legroom and rear passengers a bit more space. Volvo has announced that it has developed two sets of suspension for motor vehicles S60, and the U.S. will predictably get softer springs, dampers and bushes, but as an alternative is available and the sports version of the car. Volvo S60 will be available in the USA with 304 – powerful turbocharged I-6, and with four-cylinder turbo engine will be available later. The car will be available in configurations of four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive with torque, helping the car in turns. Later, should appear not only from the diesel 'green' DRIVe series 1.6-liter, 115 horsepower, which will consume 4.3 liters of diesel per 100 km, and three petrol units.

Two of them have a volume of 1.6 liters, but their power was 150 hp and 180 hp In addition, there will be new turbocharged 2.0-liter 240-hp The interior has undergone a single S60 updates, and a fusion of luxury and Scandinavian austerity. There is a rich paste made of leather on the door panels and a hefty door metal handles, both in cars and Audis Land Rover. 'The all-new S60 brings us to the next level in terms of color, shape, material and technology "- said director Peter Horbury design. Volvo_S60/S60-6-480.jpg '> Volvo S60 is equipped with electronic sensor system that scans the road ahead and detects pedestrians in the vicinity of the car. If the computer determines that the driver sees a pedestrian on the path of movement, it warns the driver audio signal. If a pedestrian is too close and the driver did not respond to the alarm, the system automatically braked down to a complete stop the vehicle, avoiding collisions, and thus reducing injuries. Useful tips motorist