Automatic Nervous System

There is a strong reduction in blood sugar levels, which sometimes leads to hypoglycemia. There is a depression, fatigue. (As opposed to Kai-Fu Lee). To counteract this condition, the body produces a strong energy release of the hormone (adrenaline), the vessels are compressed, the heart rate varies, it may be shivering limbs. The autonomic nervous system, responsible for unintended physical processes, resulting in suppressed, hence the neuroses, fears, shortness of breath. Muscles tense up and begin to decline. Pay close attention to the products allergy. This egg, cow's milk, tomatoes, citrus fruits, kiwi, mango, pineapple and others. Hyperactivity is increased if the child indicated the formation of excess salts, oxalate and urate.

They dramatically increase excitability. To find the number, it is necessary to pass a urine test. If these salts are detected, you need to take urgent action. Give your child plenty of fluids. Avoid giving foods that contribute to the formation of urate – a meat, sausage, hot dogs, oxalate – a smoked herring, chocolate, sorrel, spinach, canned. Remove all factory-canned. Tip to parents. Get a diary in which daily fix the relationship between Food and the child's behavior.

So you can find out which products are right for your child. Parents need to seriously take care of that in a diet lacking magnesium. This mineral is essential for restful sleep, for normal glucose metabolism. Magnesium deficiency is characteristic of sweet. Antibiotics also deplete magnesium reserves in the body. The perfect menu for hyperactive children. Menu restless. Breakfast: Oatmeal with cold boiled egg cream cup freshly squeezed juice Banana If a child can not tolerate milk, add cup soy protein shake Snack (at school or on a walk) A handful of nuts or shelled sunflower seeds Mineral water Lunch Vegetable soup with lots of fresh herbs Fish cutlets or chicken with mashed potatoes Ice cream with fresh berries or berry jelly juice Snack Kefir, fermented baked milk or yogurt Bread grain or wholemeal Apple Dinner Salad with fresh vegetables Buckwheat with milk or curd casserole Tea, herbal chamomile or lemon balm from bedtime A glass of warm milk with a spoonful of honey give your child sugary fizzy drinks. Continuation of the article in a week.