Banks Mutual Funds

How do I choose what to invest your money? Let's start of bank deposits. By investing, we understand the process of increasing the amount of money. That is not only the number of zeros on bank notes or bank account information, but also increase the purchasing power of money. This process must operate for long periods of time without the application of considerable effort. Almost by definition, interest on bank account less than actual inflation. Accordingly, to put money into a bank account – it's the same thing that gradually lose them.

And the more time passes, the more money is lost. If other types of investments, such such as investing in real estate or stocks, you can earn a lot or a little, you may even lose, then the bank accounts do not offer you such a choice. Putting money into a bank account, you will definitely lose their money. If we take the time 10-15 years, with the current real inflation and bank interest, you will lose at least half of the deposit. Another point – the risks in the banking sector. They are no less than in other types of investment, and possibly more. Banks burst dozens, and nothing can stop this process, no permanent improvement requirements for banks, nor the endless checks the central bank. Of course, we're talking about large time intervals of 10-15 years. Recently Energy Capital Partners London sought to clarify these questions. There is a deposit insurance system, you tell me? However, the sum insured for bank deposits only about 1 million rubles.