Casablanca Ibiza

The very famous ‘ Ibiza fashion shop’ now offers the new ‘ garment fashion factory in the Ibiza fashion online shop on under the name of Ibiza. The Ibiza’s fashion scene is enriched by a highlight to the Ibiza fashion factory. Includes designer fashion noble Ibiza, as the unique pieces of Hippiechic that were made jackets Casablanca Ibiza, carefully selected accessories such as LP-bags working vinyl records, at the time just topical handmade Pompadour Beutel from the hippie market Las Dalias on Ibiza and soon the attractive Ibiza men’s fashion from OLAS IBIZA. The previous fashion range from Ibiza fashion shop in the plus-size area with Kaftans, tunics, dresses, skirts and shirts is also preserved when Ibiza fashion factory. The plus-size fashion in Ibiza style is the Ibiza fashion factory a concern when you consider how much oversized fashion still on design puts little value.

Because fashion to generate zest for life and at the same time increase the well-being feeling aspect of the wearer. Often people only because of their size but can their Individuality not experience and feel restricted in their personal development. The cornucopia of the fashion world looks different. Ibiza fashion factory has it – as already Ibiza fashion shop – the goal set itself to change that, colorful mixed by sex, age and type. The sustained success proves the Ibiza fashion especially in the area of the large sizes of the customers will accept. Excellent quality of materials and workmanship will find designs that the Mediterranean island is just as famous as for Sun, beaches, and the particular way of life also appeal as the delightfully fresh Ibiza. The Ibiza fashion inspired by the hippies in the seventies brought it worldwide recognition.

Through the continued attractiveness of ADLIB fashion (the Moda Adlib”was born in Ibiza and is made also in Ibiza) Ibiza has become a fashion hot spot. The Ibiza fashion once exclusively made of white linen fabrics has her face”changed. Although white whatever still considered to be the dominant color of the Ibiza fashion, so also the famous Ibiza have fashion designers such as Eva Cardona, Isabel Castellar, Lola G. Ibiza, Lluis Ferrer, Morocha Ibiza recognized fashion, Pomar, Toni Bonet, Gisela G. and Tres Ibiza the signs of the times and work with colorful fashion designs and the trendy Ibiza is an export hit of Ibiza as before. Cool basics, Ibiza layered look fashion in the BoHo and vintage style, designer jackets and vests, casual shirts, embroidered Ibiza from tunics and Kaftans plus the fantastic collection of OLAS Ibiza silk and crepe de chine “-materials are not only glamorous, but produce it a feeling of extra class.” H.Froehlich for