Chevrolet Corvette

You have heard many times: 'Tell me what you have a car, and I'll tell what you are. " What does this expression? I'm not beautiful red convertible when I travel alone, and so obviously not powerful supercar, only if I'm driving a Chevrolet Corvette. And so, as to understand its meaning? How can you be a car? Ok, this fool you, because nobody do not really think that driving a car makes it a machine. However, experts who study the stories of car buyers, concluded that people Choose an auto often buy cars, considering how they will be evaluated during the ride. By and large they are hoping to change the view of others to themselves. But some of them are choosing a car with a certain body type, whether roadster, suv, suv or van, only that it makes them feel comfortable in it. But everything is so simple? Let's examine in more detail. If I go to in the midst of the day through the streets of Minsk, the congested compacts and diesels, and I'm driving a Jeep , does that make me less conscious of environmental issues, rather than the drivers 'stools' riding around? Similarly, when I go to doroguschy luxury car, stuffed with the latest devices, konroliruyuschimi safety car and the latest technologies, Do I feel is more important than other drivers, luckier, or more fortunate, or I think they look at me, wondering who I am this? Based on the foregoing, that the car might say about you? Here are some examples: Status – upscale brands such as Audi bmw or Mercedes-Benz, obviously, speaks about the high status of the driver. Dual SIM follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.