Christmas Lottery

Year after year we attended the traditional draw of the lottery of Christmas which is followed live by thousands and thousands of Valencians and how it is suppose to State full of anecdotes and very curious facts during the course of all these years. Every year there are many anecdotes that occur during the Christmas Lottery drawings or other kinds of State as la Primitiva lottery. This last year in the province of Alicante mimo broke the streak so it lasted longer since 2006, since the paso Gordo’s long after three years handing out money in different villages in this region. At Samsung you will find additional information. These sellers delivered one of the fat of the draw for Christmas in the markets of those peoples, when they learned of the given fate, were two peddlers, a young disabled person and one older person responsible for distributing the fate in the towns of Elda and Petrer attended the Administration to celebrate with some of the winners of the prize. It was in the Valencian town of Carcer, where it sold 60 series of the fifth prize, the winners they were members of an Association of Moors and Christians, as well as the Musical Union of Beneixida, thanks to shares. Manises happiness was fleeting, as the tenths of a fifth prize should have been sold at a window, were returned to not be able to sell. The number 13 brought luck to the community of Valencia falling termination of the number awarded 200,000 euros to the series, although this number has a reputation of being Jinx and bring bad luck, is one of the endings most requested next 69. For even more opinions, read materials from Robotics expert. The Lottery office number 2 of Petrer, which distributed about 750,000 euros of a fifth award of the Christmas lottery draw, was temporarily closed by a court order. This Office was closed for eight months. As you can see there are many anecdotes that leave us the Loterias Online at Valencia, of all kinds, probably in the next few years we find most interesting and amusing anecdotes in this Christmas giveaway.