Christmas Sponsorship

Where can you find the perfect gift idea? A heavenly gift idea get with a star sponsor their loved ones the stars from the sky all year again is the question, what you to the Festival to give away but thanks to of bouquet, choose socks, ties or even the perfume, that in the last year have ever given, take distance. offers you the opportunity to take on a star sponsorship or star. You have the possibility to enjoy a loved a whole life long. A real star in the sky on the name you have chosen is christened with a star sponsorship or star. Thus, it is possible not only from the sky to get the star for your loved ones.

Star sponsorship is evidenced by a certificate, you receive immediately, so that nothing is in the way is the extraordinary gift. On this certificate for all important information and properties in addition to the baptismal name, your”Star stand out. You have the Possibility to assemble your gift individually, select such as the constellation, in which the star, you want to give away, should be. A dedication of your choice can also be recorded in the document. Many other tools make your gift a truly unique event! Only the brightness of the star, which is to be presented in festive round is crucial for the price.

For already 29,-euro (incl. VAT), obtained a complete star sponsorship in the desired constellation of your choice. B.A.S. provides you with the delivery of personalized certificate all important documents available, you need to find your star: these include two star maps, where your personal Star is prominently marked. With the help of these cards able any to admire his star on a clear night in the sky. You continue to receive a gift pack and more side dishes, which round out the gift. Jurgen Baumann, in the year 1997 founder and now owner of,. know from experience and thanks to countless feedback from satisfied customers, that he could put an end to the endless search with his gift for an unusual gift. The was 1997 by Jurgen Baumann as the first German provider for B.A.S.-founded Star sponsorships. Star sponsorship is protected by trademark law. Extensive astronomical experience and experiences and an own Observatory with State of the art computer control allows the, competently and individually to advise.