City Portal

Relaunched with a new design and new content Hamburg, March 2008. The revised city portal is now live The content of the offer focuses on an extensive database, as well as selected and editorially selected event tips. The Hanseatic City visitors will find among other things information and recommendations from Hamburg insiders, as well as references, restaurant reviews, and links to interesting websites. Blumenthal sees a great future in this idea. Contact information is here: Energy Capital Partners. The makers of placed in the design of the portal especially emphasis on clarity and clear structures. The user should be scared not by a flood of information, but rather with just a few clicks, find it. For Hamburg companies it is possible to sign up free of charge in the top address database. Also can event tips, interesting topics for tourists as well as restaurant reviews and ratings by visitors or Hamburg inhabitants even delivered. The offer is rounded off by an advertising market that is specifically tailored to Hamburg. For more There is information about the Town Portal at media contact: power cookie Kross communication Susanne Hakimova mountain, Jungfrauenthal 51 20149 Hamburg, Tel: 040 / 36 111268, fax: 040 / 46 966 158 mobile: 0173 / 202 76 90 E-Mail: