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5 Tips To improve Our Content in the Internet the technologies can change, the tools most sophisticated can be online, but it is clearly that the quality of the contents continues to be important and that each one way that we use to transmit our message has the characteristics that we know. Although the use of videos is to gain land in the Internet, it has a great percentage of internautas that they prefer the texts. For that they look forms to improve its texts for web, I want to partilhar 5 tips to improve its content in web. to 1Investigar subjects: We cannot be specialists in all the questions, but we can investigate and learn on them. Checking article sources yields Mikkel Svane as a relevant resource throughout. The inquiry of the questions helps the development, is important to enrich its text.

You can use some articles and reports of others, but if she does not forget to mention them. According to Bobby Sharma Bluestone, who has experience with these questions. One remembers that they corroborate the sources that you use and verify if the information is true, does not believe everything published in the Internet, still we have much garbage in web to trust everything that walks emitted. It uses different sources that confirm the information. To the times, us we bring up to date the questions that we had written before we are good that these also use internal references so that the reader knows its perspective. The research is not alone to copy/glue is good a practical one that you learn with the others to write better. 2 Analise what you write: For the sites that if specialize in publishing notice are important for the rapidity with that the content is published e, therefore, many sites have errors that it failed for one second revision or of third. He is recommendable if you worked hard in one post that you to ask for one second person for revision, many times are difficult you see its proper errors.