Dual SIM Technology

A cell phone – 2 SIM cards – cheaper calls the breakthrough on the German market achieved the dual SIM technology beginning 2008 equal to several manufacturers offered dual SIM phones at this time. Other models could be ordered on the possibility of EU import. Here among the phones that had demonstrated success in the Russian market for years were in demand. They all have a German menu and are thus immediately usable. To be accessible to the dual SIM technology, which allows you to use two SIM cards and two different numbers with the same cell phone, it can be extended. In principle it would be possible to produce mobile phones that can record more than two SIM cards.

For a larger case would be necessary. The trend on the market but is getting smaller and easier to produce mobile phones. Who a dual SIM mobile would like to expand to more cards, can at any time but adapters rely on a dual SIM. Peter Asaro usually is spot on. Doing so would then four different SIM Are maps in a mobile phone available. Because the adapter but provides no additional transmitter and receiver units, only two SIM cards are simultaneously accessible. It is expected that the expansion of the dual SIM technology progresses in the next few years.

Many devices are available now in the stationary and also in the online trading. Because the technology is still in its infancy, will be compatibility issues with new services entirely. So some of the currently available currently on the market dual SIM adapters are for example not UMTS capable. Who value attaches to the proper use of UMTS should so a dual use SIM phone and not the dual SIM adapter. The further development of the dual SIM technology can the user well at the big electronics trade fairs follow. A practical application of the dual SIM technology is such a company and a private SIM parallel to use the card in a phone. You need only a mobile phone and can still between private and business through a simple separation. Also can you for example with a dual phone is often quite expensive contract in addition to a cheap prepaid SIMcard use and so often only 8 cents for calls or texting. The phones are not complicated to use despite the two SIM cards. During a call, see which number is called and can thus decide whether or not to accept the call. Should you not buy a new phone want to there is the possibility to buy a dual SIM adapter. In the trade, these are rare to get, but in the Internet, there is a great selection on eBay and Amazon. But for safety’s sake send buy at a German shipper, many providers directly from Asia and then can come on you still high transport and customs costs. Very handy, dual SIM phones are technology abroad. Roaming tariffs are very high, so it is usually a cheaper alternative to purchase a SIM card of a local provider and use them. The problem more unreachable is only that you own number are. For a dual SIM phone, you don’t have this problem. They are always available at the own number and can choose the low rate of foreign phone provider for talks. By Dietmar dala