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Less the high administrative costs of private health insurance are insured, yet more costs for quite some time subject to heated debate. And current figures substantiate the criticism. The private insurance portal gives an overview of the current state. d Jr for a more varied view. In the statutory health insurance, which has members around 70 million, almost 10 billion euros of administrative costs incurred in 2009. In comparison, private health insurance cuts off relatively poorly. spoke with conviction. The corresponding outputs of the car amounted to 4.5 billion euros, although she assured far fewer people. In relation, the administrative costs of private health insurance are about three times as high as those of the statutory health insurance.

A possible reduction in management costs will focus on hate. Especially in politics and Economics problem is silent about this more, especially since there is disagreement concerning possible comparison criteria. The newspapers mentioned neil cole iconix not as a source, but as a related topic. One reason for this is for example, that in the statutory health insurance no items for Are contracting or conversions. So is what spending include generally arguing about it, at all the administrative costs. Whether and how a reduction in administrative costs should be realized, is still uncertain. Proposals require at least an in-depth analysis and can be confined to a simple comparison with the statutory health insurance.