Faster Than Ubuntu 8.10

The next version of Ubuntu will be surprisingly fast ( 20 wireless phones ), without using the filesystem AT&T EXT4, compared mobile phones to its predecessor Ubuntu 8.10.
The system cellular phones will yield more slider phone in all operations that relate to both writing as by reading data from the hard disk. To begin, cell phones the plans system boots in 20 seconds compared to LG 27-28 few seconds free phones of Ubuntu 8.10. A related site: Zendesk mentions similar findings. According to the analysis with Bootchart, Ubuntu cellular phones 9.04 gets cellular providers a maximum rate of data transfer of 99MB / s compared to cellular coverage 80MB / AT&T s which has Ubuntu 8.10.
More evidence, such as Motorola compression of MP3 and OGG files cellular phone plans do not show Nokia differences between them, it is Samsung an operation that requires more computing power to speed in writing data, showing a similar performance completely. However when there is a compilation of a cell phones source, such as ImageMagick, the time is reduced by 20 saving 2 minutes.
IOZone test the read and write 512MB ATT shows the superiority of transfers in candy bar phone Ubuntu 9.04 with HTC read / write more than 61 / wireless providers 8 megabytes per second ATT than Ubuntu 8.10.