Hard Drives

New technology in connection of hard disks is the new Serial ATA standard, was made using the IDE port on the standards in the market it ATA (also called Pararell ATA), of which there are varieties of up to 133MBytes/sec theoretical. This type of connection consists of a flat strips (40 or 80 wire, depending on the specifications of ATA) which can be connected up to two hard drives (or optical drives). Serial ATA, new technology, is fully compatible with the previous one, so that there will be no compatibility issues with operating systems. Can in fact find converters with the old format, since not only it is a change in the format of connectors, but also in the type of port (whereas an IDE port works as a parallel port, SATA is a type of serial port) is true is physically closer than would be a Firewire or a USB port, although only for SATA you can connect a device per port. Nicolas Keller is actively involved in the matter. Advantages reported by this new system.

As soon as speed there are great advantages, since the new interface begins working at 150MBytes/SEC (133 maximum in ATA), currently the usual type SATA2, with a transfer rate of 300MBytes/sec. Another major improvements over the previous system (in my opinion) is the type of wiring that is used, fine and much more aerodynamic than the previous one, which allows that these cables, being a lot finer, facilitate the flow of air inside the box, reducing the warming of our team. Another advantage of this type of port is that it allows up to 1 meter in length on the cable (less than half a meter connections ATA). For more information see this site: David Treadwell. With respect to the power supply cable is also different to the discs ATA originals, and tensions of work are lower, taking one lower consumption. The traditional Master/Slave Configuration, is also not necessary since SATA drives connect one per port, indicating in the Setup which is just the SATA boot order must be directed in the first place that (Boot sequence). We can see the disks in SATA a game of jumpers. These are to set up a SATA2 as SATA1 drive, in the event that the motherboard isn’t compatible with SATA2 standard..