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Each of these blogs is more than praise their products. Provide community service. Read the blog here: larger companies are able to allocate technical writers and / or sales and marketing staff to write blogs for the company. To some extent, medium-sized companies may be able to allocate resources to blogs. But small businesses may at a disadvantage when it comes to writing and maintaining blogs.

Especially a small business is a solo show, trying to manage all aspects of business. While someone who owns the company or business experience is the best person to write the business, but now there is an available option – Business Process Outsourcing blog. Business Blog How Worker Process Outsourcing? Process starts with a thorough study of client’s business. If the client has a website, the blog is embedded in it. If the website does not exist, can be created. Then a series of posts (articles) are prepared, covering different goods or services in consultation with the client. Customer approves these posts and published in a pre-selected schedule. Other services include the popularization of the Blog Directory Blog submission to different, what makes the blog via RSS feeds and readers, optimizing the blog for the search engine.

The blog posts generally receive comments that are good and sometimes not so good. The service includes the moderation of all comments. All problems are resolved in a positive way and in consultation with the client. Take-away: With 80% of people using the Internet to find products and services, small businesses can not afford not to be easily findable in search engines. Business blog is an easier way to improve search engine rankings, provide customer feedback, tips and tutorials for company products and services to better use. Harish Keshwani Blogging is a strategic consultant, Software Developer, Blogger and entrepreneur. l a focuses on consulting and guiding small and medium enterprises in the creation of their blogs and their management for them as a process of outsourcing. l a guidance to small businesses and medium term to realize the potential of blogs for their businesses. The contents appropriate business support to keep your customers satisfied and in close contact. a l promotes blogging as a marketing tool and customer feedback to companies. Your contact information is: Email: businessorati-at-gmail-dot-com company: ideological LLC-A Small / Medium Business Blog Process Outsourcing Company.