Intel Corporation

At the beginning of February of this year Intel Corporation has sent anywhere in the world to its new family of Intel processors Core vPro. These processors have been designed specifically to take care of the needs of different types from companies, and for this aim new elements in their architecture have been introduced that incorporate important aspects in the matter of security and remote management. In order to understand the Intel technology vPro is necessary to make a first clarity. Intel vPro is a series of elements incorporated to a computer in his motherboard and in other leases of its hardware, it is not an administrative set of tools. This combination of elements – that include a new processor, some improvements in hardware, new tools of management of networks and users, and an outpost security technology is translated in benefits for the companies in the matter of technical service, maintenance, security and efficiency in the IT area. Because the handling of multiple computers in a network is a task of extreme importance for any organization, the remote management she is one of the characteristics of this family of processors who enters resonance with the needs of the companies more. The benefit in time and costs that is obtained when workings like inventories, update and repair of software can be realised without the physical presence of the IT technician he is immense, and the technology vPro provides excellent facilities to carry out this type of tasks. In the descriptions vPro Intel long ago emphasis in the manageability that this technology provides and its perfect integration to the existing infrastructure.

This manageability completely is based on hardware, which allows to inventory diagnosis and backup of the computers and its components with total independence of the operating system used by the computers and the status of the system. The security is another one of the great advantages that the technology offers vPro. This security is offered by means of a strict and dynamic filter of network traffic, different facilities to isolate and to put in group of forty infected systems, remote update and consolidation of surroundings virtual for services of management in a single PC. vPro visits the Web site of Intel to obtain but information on the family of Intel processors and to consult one complete guide of tablecloth Intel processors for company.