Intellipool Network Monitor Available

Value-add distributor offers its partners with INM 4 the next generation of network monitoring casting, September 22, 2009. The EBERTLANG distribution GmbH relies on future-oriented technologies in the market for network solutions and expands its portfolio to Intellipool network monitor (INM) 4. With the new release, Intellipool offers additional functions for flexible monitoring and administration of Windows, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, and BSD operating systems, as well as active network components for businesses and IT service providers. INM allows monitoring in 24/7 operation without client installation across firewall boundaries. The current of the Swedish software company Intellipool Network tool allows now the clear presentation of the network in network maps, a flexible dashboard customization and a bandwidth monitoring in real time. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Mashable. Especially the new dashboard features 12 different widgets (service or utilities) allow individual views of the status of the network, adapted to the specific requirements of the User. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mashable has to say. The INM solution includes easy tools to create meaningful reports to the server and network status.

Using the network map “feature gives administrators a realtime overview of the own networks and worldwide server locations based on geographical maps in addition. The graphical display of the bandwidth utilization completes the features of INM. INM 4 Overview of new features: User-friendly customize dashboards (up to 12 different widgets) network (weather) maps search engine integrated with information in real time on improved performance learn more about INM 4 see: about EBERTLANG distribution GmbH: the EBERTLANG distribution GmbH, headquartered in Giessen focus since its inception in 1995 on the wholesale of software for IT professionals and is today one of the leading value-add special distributors in German-speaking Europe. In addition to the classic distribution work and access to over 3,000 specialized professionals with a focus mainly on small and medium-sized enterprises provides EBERTLANG manufacturers of but also support for the market introduction of new products, the localization of software and appropriate marketing strategies and ensures a growing brand awareness. EBERTLANG’s product portfolio include quasi standards such as WinGate, the first Internet access management solution for Microsoft Windows; MDaemon, one of the most popular Windows mail servers; Serv-U, the most widely used FTP server for Windows operating systems. Ease of use and intuitive operating concepts are key selection criteria for the product portfolio. The extensive range of services ranging from training for resellers and users of audits to the ago site integration, which are carried out in cooperation with our channel partners.