Internet Companies

Today investors are behind the ideas of Internet business, have seen the potential of the profits of the companies with applications on the Internet? In these is much talk about the new injection of money Facebook receive 450 million dollars of investment from Goldman Sachs, and Facebook does not come out even at the stock exchange, nor is there a program to wait. Investors are aware of new projects on the Internet, for example surprises like Groupon, a company that sells discount coupons for a limited time, I reject Google bid $ 6 billion of dollars would want a lot more? Now they say that Groupon wants to fend off possible offers, wants to go out to the bag by the end of 2011, and is that this company is growing very quickly. It has also received the largest round of capital funding (950 million of dollars) of a company since the Pixar Animation Studio did so in 1995. The commercial expectation by many companies on the Internet is astronomical how is it possible that Facebook is worth $ 50 billion? Groupon, is valued at nearly EUR 4.5 billion? Twitter, on the other hand, is worth $ 3.6 billion. They are correct valuations or we are facing a new case of a dot-com bubble? Now everytime a new technology by Internet or a new industry appears the valuations of the companies in this sector are triggered. And at the end there is always someone who catches fingers. The survivors of these bubbles (Google, eBay, Amazon) are not necessarily that more owners, and more money from investors (Yahoo!, America Online) took over. But how was it at the beginning, when Internet technology companies recently began to expand their businesses? For Google was not easy get investors but then competed for their actions..