Irritable Feelings

Yes some than if others past and now this phrase is still used to refer to both opposing sides to use the same resource. And so it is. Some start saying things and others end up saying the same but with different words. We have trouble make the civilized world that we’ve made a mistake, that we have had errors. Sometimes these unforgivable.Already said Ortega y Gasset, who annoyed him with momentum the word moral. And I think absolutely the same. The frequent and everyday use of this word spoils everything what it means.

We use it for everything. Citizenship and the popular set the demoralized Word commonly used, and do not understand it because morality is not something that is added to the human being and is inalienable but the opposite is the person. With the term moral we should refer to various aspects of human behavior, more specifically two. First of all a mood and second to that catalogue of principles and values that regulate moral behavior. Talk – common citizenship – demoralized beings, without morality, without anything at all – understood a being has no religion or homeland-. But they should know that the definition and also experience of being demoralized is that of a person who does not have vital light, who lives in the darkness, trapped all light that produces well-being. A person who has no morality could come to qualify it as a character without being a person, symptoms which would become: having No effort and perseverance, not wanting to learn, not to mention, not live many times we refer to esa palara improperly and with high frequency. I’ve also done it, we all have done it, but longer time, at least in the West – place where according to sociologists progress is palpable – rectify completely. Alex Morales. Original author and source of the article