IT Service Management Optimization Retains

ITSM barometer by Exagon: strategic importance of ITSM has increased continuously Kerpen in the last three years, November 17, 2009 the company have apparently discovered the IT service management (ITSM) as a route to the radical performance improvement in IT in recent years. Whose importance has increased continuously in the eyes of the user according to the ITSM barometer by Exagon consulting for three years. This development is for the classification of ITSM in the strategic planning of the company as well as with regard to the standardisation intentions in this field. But apparently their efforts have borne much fruit, because the potential for optimisation are deemed currently slightly lower by approximately 400 respondents companies 2008. Three quarters of the companies specify in the current market analysis, that the targeted performance improvement in IT service management enjoys a high or very high priority with them. Compared to the previous year, there are four percent more against 2007 means, this even an increase of 11 percent.

This development shows very clearly, that ITSM is emerged from his previous shadowy existence and now its essential importance for the efficiency of business processes is recognized\”, judge Exagon – Managing Director Joachim Fremmer. A core element in the optimization intentions of users increasingly represents the standardisation of the IT processes. It does not matter only in a small minority of 5 percent while she stands for everyone else in the center of the change effort (65 percent) or is at least an integral part of the measures (30 percent). These values differ from those of the previous year and 2007. For the Exagon consultant Fremmer a compulsory process to liberate the IT processes of their earlier individual character and to standardize as metrics-based thus unfolds. This creates a degree of automation not only economically beneficial, but there is also a higher transparency, security and flexibility at the same time lower error rate in the IT processes created\”Fremmer discusses the benefits.