King Hansberry

Customers ask for environmental protection: also for smaller commercial and craft makes an environmental management system meaning a small upper Bavarian company with seven permanent employees produced since 15 years adhesives. Its quality assurance system is certified since 2001 by DEKRA according to ISO 2000:9001. As more and more customers after an environmental management system (to the) ask, will contact the owner of the company as an environmental consultant Dr. Laura King Hansberry seat in Schongau ( And it always more companies from diverse industries realize that they must deal more with the ecological aspect and despite some obstacles to introduce an environmental management. Further rationalization potential can be controlled by the angle of the ecology but.

So, an environmental management system can contribute to the classic economic objectives of a company such as competitiveness, liquidity and profit. The motives very often there is customer demand, why decide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), a Environmental management to introduce”, says Dr. King-Hoffmann. A Carpenter’s workshop included, for example, the same decision as the mentioned chemical company with 35 employees. For one, the natural resource wood requires a careful processing and treatment. On the other hand the company is addressed also again and again by customers, which offers environmentally friendly products made from wood, so request. With the establishment of an environmental management system, the operating continuously improves its environmental performance. As it were by the way, the joinery reduces the cost of waste through systematic value separation to 800 euros per year, the heating costs around 4000 euro.

The untreated wood waste be recycled namely now itself after a renovation of the heating. “Rarely involves a priority, if craft shops or other small and medium-sized companies through cost savings to the thinking”, says Dr. King-Hoffmann. Especially in the beginning usually investments are necessary, which pay for themselves later. There are many other motives: some a company asserts itself in a highly competitive market through innovation and Quality and optimum production organization.