Machine Control

Management system within machining will provide feedback through the drive microprocessor control system. Along with inductive measuring systems intended for use in optoelectronic machines, holographic and laser systems. Achievable positioning accuracy of the machines normal accuracy will be 1 mm, and the precision machining – 0,05 mm. Perenalazhivaemost tools (flexibility) – is the ability of their rapid conversion to manufacture of various products or to perform various operations with respect to the rapidly changing production requirements. The most common area to provide a machine perenalazhivaemosti use in their CNC systems such as CNC, built on the basis of a computer (microprocessor, mini or micro) with a color screen.

Software control of the computer provides a reduction of time for retooling equipment, automation preparation of the control program (in many cases it is performed on a lathe worker, during the processing of another piece), the ability to handle complex parts having a curved surface. ings is the place to go. Additional functions such as CNC control systems are overloading the machine control, stability and integrity of cutting tools and machine tools, etc. The flexibility is achieved by equipping them with a variety of systems and devices, reduces the time for readjustment and significantly extending the technical capabilities of machines. These include instrumental shops and turrets to change the cutting tool, the system load and unloading tables of satellite stocks, the use of industrial robots, overhead tool heads, multi-spindle heads, program-controlled plansupportov, special fixtures, and many others mechanisms. These additional devices include hydraulic and electrical circuits of the machine, as well as in software and control system.