Management System

Internet is full of suggestions for creating sites, business cards cheap, but to justify any such sites, even small expenses? Most often, online business card of a commercial company does not help core business while remaining fully useless. Sites of this type is unlikely to even book a small and affluent firms. So what is bad business card site? In the first place by its size. Several pages are not taken seriously, no visitors, no search systems, and on Web sites, business cards are no more than ten pages. Search engines are highly placed in search results reputable sites that contain a lot of unique content.

Small sites from several pages almost have no chance to get to first place in the SERP. Even the considerable efforts in search engine optimization will not help if the site consists of only a few small pages. In addition, it is unlikely for several of these pages available for users of the really interesting information, so that by chance who visited the site visitor is likely to quickly leave it. To better site was seen by search engines, and was interested in for visitors, it must contain at least a few dozen pages, but rather that they were no less than a hundred. A quality website can not remain unchanged, the information on it should be updated and added. As online business card is most often done on the basis of static pages, any change requires special knowledge.

As a result, support for small website translates into a standing invitation to the expert, which is not cheap. Most modern sites are built on a content management system (Content Management System – CMS), which allows even an inexperienced user to make changes in content, that is, the contents of the site. Let the initial costs of setting up Site based on CMS is somewhat higher, but they compensated by the fact that there is no need to pay a specialist for every change on the site. In addition, content management systems provide additional capabilities, easy to implement on the site, for example, can provide feedback to add visitors to organize questions and answers section or a feedback form. The use of modern content management system facilitates the creation and support site, but the use of such a system implies a full site, not business-card site. Though better to create a full website, in some cases you can get messages in the network diary, that is, a blog, or social service, which came very much. High-quality blog will be more useful than the online business card, but the normal site in most cases it is better for business support. In existing services competition is high, and commercial ads are often removed, so that alternatives to a conventional site is not so much. Whatever was not cheap business card site, instead it is better to order a full site based content management system. At the same time you should write your own, or to order high-quality content, enough to fill dozens of pages. Open the site with less than thirty or forty pages impractical, and the number of pages should continue to grow with the development of the site. Uniqueness and quality of content should be given special attention, because it is content helps search promotion and attract potential customers. Of course, do not forget about search engine optimization, without which it is impossible today to get into the top ranks of search engines.