Mobile Flat Rate

Why does a mobile flat rate to all networks for Vieltelefonierer sense. The offers of the mobile operators are very extended in recent years. Adjustments to the needs of customers that provide for these options to save and provide an overview of the costs have occurred. A mobile flat rate to all networks refers to all mobile networks within Germany and the German fixed network. A so-called AllNet flat rate allows all calls thus around the clock without to make additional costs. To reach a high cost transparency through the monthly fixed amount, because no additional telephone costs. Whether or to what extent, SMS in this package are included, depends on the provider.

Possibly also several flats together can be booked, so that could be an additional flat-rate for SMS or Internet and you completely to a fixed amount per month on the phone, write SMS SURFs. Mobile operators have put together mostly attractive offers for the individual needs of the customer. properly. Often ways a temporary option for foreign travel also to book, for example on vacation or for business trips. The mobile flat rate to all networks is worth especially with mobile customers and their need to talk reaches at least a medium level and differ the networks of the interlocutors. This flat rate for corporate and business clients is very attractive, since it is here primarily so that deviate the discussions with customers in different networks and you can quickly lose the overview of the monthly costs without an appropriate flat rate and in addition only complicates a calculation of which is possible. For frequent callers the mobile flat rate to all networks is the cheapest option in principle, to remain mobile in connection with customers and friends.