Modern Kitchen Interior Design

The interiors and modern cuisine reigns today, as a rule, practical functionalism. tion. Classic triangle: a refrigerator – stove – sink, in this space housewife overcomes many miles, trying to feed the hungry inhabitants of the house. And they all – from the stolid, but for some reason incredibly voracious cat to the younger generation – they all want to have! Many designers (Western and not only) in today's kitchen interior in the first place put it functionalism. Among the wide variety of kitchen appliances in it (of course, in addition to the now familiar refrigerator and hood) must be present dishwasher and microwave. I'd add – and aerogril, experience shows that when there is all the kitchen chores take up a lot less and energy and time. The interiors and modern cuisine is increasingly installed built-in appliances. icle. Looks like such equipment, of course, much more stylish than freestanding elements, but in this case a variant of the organization of kitchen space has one shortcoming. This technique is much more difficult to change, however, use of equipment of proven brands will most likely avoid it . .