Muller Elischeba

A critical mass in aid projects for an economically efficient help is of course”necessary products. This critical mass the amount of cotton is textiles. This cotton quantity is reached, Caleb’s Hill performs an aid project with its partner organisations on the ground. In this case, Caleb’s Hill takes over all costs. With the 1zu1 number indicated on each product can the customer track online via the website of Caleb BBs Hill, which help project he helped through his purchase. Dr. Reinhard Muller Caleb BBs Hill UG D-38106 Braunschweig phone: + 49 (531) 1226775 website: email: contact person: Andre Hintsches Director Elischeba Wilde – presenter, model, actress & blogger rose 15 D-48712 Gescher Tel.

+ 49 (2542) 954966 mobile + 49 (171) 3260417 email: websites: contact person: Elischeba wild Freelancer press contact: call-metics E.k.. Special Agency for customer management Stockholm str. 13 D-81829 Munich Tel. + 49 (89) 43737506 fax + 49 (89) 43737507 email: website: contact person: Dr. Reinhard Muller of’s Hill is different. Founded by Andre Hintsches and Ruben m Gerber with the desire to offer home textiles without exploit people or the environment, Caleb’s Hill are other ways.

Caleb’s Hill wants to act on the marketplace so that as many people benefit. This intention is reflected in the fair and transparent dealing with suppliers, customers and partners and at the 1zu1 ‘aid projects cons. In an environment with high competitive pressure and strong profit motive, this attitude makes Caleb’s Hill to a particular company. Elischeba Wilde is a well-known and sought-after mannequin and photo model for over 12 years and works as a presenter for various TV and Web TV channels, as well as at trade fairs and major events. Also, Elischeba Wilde has worked as an Ambassador for Fairtrade and Fairtrade cotton. Furthermore is Elischeba Wilde for years as an actress in various roles.