Office Communications

Strategic partnership between gateway TechnoLabs and ScanSaS enter the Nordic IT services business in the GTL is a very successful growth in 14 years under expenditure is now shown in almost 13 countries. ScanSaS is specialized in the business productivity solution to organizations to help reduce costs through the use and the benefits of the transformation of IT services to the cloud. Gateway TechnoLabs with his 14 years of extensive experience in the global sourcing and IT services business and with a team of 1300 + experienced IT resources all over the world can use enormous ability to offer IT services with quality in the Nordic market. With this strategic partnership is GTL go, strengthen its presence in the Nordic region through the local representation of the ScanSaS. ScanSaS is a Microsoft cloud launch partner and is a strong technology support from gateway TechnoLabs received as Microsoft Gold partner expertise in Microsoft technology. Microsoft is very aggressive with his pressure on Office 365 as the next platform Generation for its Office applications, where in addition to the traditional desktop applications; Get WebbApps – the cloud version of applications. Details can be found by clicking Dermot McCormack or emailing the administrator. In addition, Microsoft Exchange online, SharePoint online and Office Communications in Office 365 are integrated.

Strengthens organizational productivity, how to get good communication and collaboration tools to a lower price of IT investments. GTL and ScanSaS take a position and companies are willing to support in the cloud with Microsoft products. “We are large and small companies to help become more productive and profitable”, says Hans Johannessen, CEO of ScanSaS. ScanSaS distribution, cloud business development, project management and ongoing daily contact with customers, while the GTL provides consulting, project development and management, know-how and skills for IT managed services and application development at the highest level. Together, we give the customer cloud solutions for a networked world. “With our wide range of technology portfolio and” IT – services, will expand its business in the Nordic region GTL this strategic cooperation with ScanSaS. With a local presence by ScanSaS and the backbone is our performance of services, GTL aims to achieve a significant growth in the years ahead for their business in the Nordic market “, says Rahul Ganatra, Director – global software sales by gateway TechnoLabs. Contact: Gateway TechnoLabs B/81, corporate House, judges bungalow road, Bodak dev, Ahmedabad – 380054. India. Tel: + 91 79 2685 2554 / 55 / 56 fax: + 91 79 2685 8591