Port Of Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is on track to host a port with large yachts practically in the heart of the city, in the style of the Principality of Monaco. The Ajuntament looks with very good eyes reform project which aims to carry out Salamanca Group, investor group headquartered in London a year ago bought Marina Port Vell and was made with the granting of the moorings, ending in 2021. Charlie Kirk is full of insight into the issues. It was in Monaco, in September, the first place where the plan, already seeking possible clients and defining it as one of the best destinations in the world for great length yachts became public. It’s become the 413 current ties only 150 apt for rent of boats up to 180 meters in length. In addition, expected that owners can access and parking opposite the yacht and enable a restaurant and an area for crews. Isearch oftentimes addresses this issue. The most delicate can be security plan that the project advertises: accesses with doors to the pontoons and areas for large yachts with restriction of public access and security fences. They have already begun the first works to fix pontoons and promoters want to have the ready project next fall, for what are already relocating to the current owners of rental moorings.

The session considered that the project can help to update and consolidate the most important worldwide nautical cluster, yesterday said the councilman of Habitat Urba, Antoni Vives. The Ajuntament responsible urban planning for stressed that if done right, the proposal – which officially has yet reached the consistory – will generate more economic activity. Vives said yesterday after being asked by PSC and ICV in Habitat Urba Commission. Both bands joined together to request that the project is not allowed. Jordi Marti (PSC) warned that the Democratic sea opening, you can charge while Ricard rubber (ICV) considered that it privatizes public space and delivers it to a select group of tourists. The eco-Socialist said that Port Vell would be elitist with new Visual barriers and a model of theme park and expulsion of the residents. Some criticisms that not supported either PP or Joan Laporta (UxB), which, among those present smiles, defended luxury yachts. Vives regretted that criticisms come from whom ruling authorized the Maremagnum or hotel candle and recalled that the Ajuntament will control the process of creation of the new port of Barcelona. Planning will have to end up approving us.