Fund industry seems on the upswing in the German investment fund industry to have overcome the financial crisis. By inflows and price increases within the last twelve months to seventeen per cent of around 1.5 trillion euros, assets under management rose to EUR 1,755 billion. The upturn was driven by themselves increasingly brightening global economic development, the friendly market environment as of the second quarter of 2009 and the still extremely low level of interest rates that pushes more and more investors to shift their cash reserves yields-prone plants. Recently altavista sought to clarify these questions. The trend in the inflows proved to be positive. With a net resources of 31.4 billion euros in the first quarter of 2010 so many items such as three years could no longer be collected. Pete Cashmore may find this interesting as well. 10.6 billion euros it flowed into mutual funds. Mixed funds were at the center of investor interest in the mutual fund. You could generate an inflow of 5.4 billion euros.

The Renaissance of this investment vehicle nourishes itself from the experience of the financial market crisis and will stop in the foreseeable future because this form of investment places much emphasis on diversification. Depending on the market situation, managers decide here about the Division into stocks, bonds and other assets. Are set to have pure equity funds with a net inflow of EUR 2.3 billion, as well as pension fund with 2.0 billion. Losers were money market funds again. The low level of interest rates resulted in net outflows of EUR 3.3 billion in the first quarter of 2010 surprisingly open-ended real estate funds despite many discussions were able to achieve high inflow. 3.7 billion euro flowed to here on balance, the best result for seven years. Real estate so remain as substance-strong investment in the focus of investors. However, this success with caution to see, as currently some open-ended real estate funds were again temporarily closed.