Requests MassCore

Mixer MassCore added VST-plug-in delay mixer grows for transmission of audio data required by the VST-plug-in (their normal size from 256 to 1024 or more samples). And unlike paid VS3, which was also adapted for use with real-MassCore time and with minimal delay, VST plug-ins was not originally developed for use outside the familiar environment of Windows or MacOS X. and Nesmotrn on that, we believe that soon many VST-plug-ins will be adapted to work with the kernel of the real time as we have adapted our mixer. VST-plugins, migrated format VS4J., Will work on MassCore, and their delay is reduced to tens of milliseconds to almost a bullet, which makes them suitable for live sound. We have already taken steps to promote the format VS4I.

(Virlual Slnelio Mr. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Mashable. Goh Live), who turn to several developers with a proposal to move the VST their best VST-plugins in the new architecture MassCore. Fortunately, our initial tests show that a well VST-plug-in written can be adapted to work with MassCore just a few hours is often required only re compile it accordingly. As for a half day of work can be transferred in this way several plug-ins, this process will not be difficult for producers, so it does not require rewriting the code. In addition, manufacturers will have the technology MassCore additional protection against piracy, as their plug-in will not be able to work on a standard PC with Windows. We're going to do VS41 open format and would be happy to invite VST-developers who have decided to use it.

The attentive reader may wonder whether it is possible to extend the technology to MassCore several processor cores, or even multiple processors. You can! It is not hard to imagine that in the near future as the individual nuclei will be co-loaded with a giant mixer. We are already working on a solution in which to seven core systems will be on Requests MassCore (will not be too greedy and leave options for Windows). And, thanks to Moore's Law, already close to the time when there will be 16 and 32-core system.