Already I from fear hid a love to lose it, Already I lost a love for hiding it. Already I held the hands of somebody, for being with fear, Already I had as much fear to the point not to feel my hands? Already I banished from my life, people whom it loved, Already I repented myself therefore? Already I passed nights crying, until catching in sleep, Already I was to sleep so happy, to the point of nor obtaining to close the eyes? Already I believed love-perfect, Already I discovered that they do not exist? Already I loved people had disappointed who me, Already I disappointed people land on water who me? Already I lay, and I repent myself later, Already I said truth, and also I repented myself? Already I dissimulated not to give to importance the people whom it loved, later to cry quiet in mine I sing? Already it smiles crying sadness tears, already I cried in such a way of laughing. Already I believed people who were not valid the penalty, Already I left to believe the ones that really were valid. Already I had laugh crises when could not? Already I felt much lack of somebody, But never it said to it? Already I cried out when it had to be silent, Already I was silent when had to cry out? Many times I left of speaking what I think, to please to ones, Others, spoke what it thought to magoar others? Already I dissimulated to be what I am not for pleasing ones, Already I dissimulated to be what I am not for pleasing others? Already I counted to jokes and more jokes without favour, to only see a friend happyer, Already I invented histories of happy end, to give hope who needed? Already I dreamed excessively, To the point to confuse with the reality? Already I had fear of the dark one, Today, in dark ' ' I find myself? me agacho? I am there? ' ' Here fell innumerable times, finding that to reerguer it would not go me, reergui thinking Already me that it would not fall more? Already I bound for who did not want, not to only bind for who really wanted? Already it ran behind an car For it to even so take somebody that I loved? Already I called ' ' algum' ' the half one of the night, Running away from a nightmare, But ' ' ela' ' it did not appear, and it was a bigger nightmare still? Already I called people ' ' amigos' ' , And I discovered that they were not? Some people, never I needed to call you are welcome, and they had been and they will be always special for me? EWALD KOCH.