System Information

A system of efficient information can very help and the health of the population, either in the remanejamento of professionals, availability of vaccines and other ways that to judge necessary for one better previsibility of the facts. The joined problems are that as much a system of information efficient, with specialized professionals, how much doctors specialists and team of support, are high costs and today see our Only System of Health if dragging, with government wanting to create more taxes to cover the expense with the public health. System of health I begin a well informatizado it seems a distant dream in Brazil, but in countries as the States Joined and in countries of the Europe, YOU in the nets of public health as in such a way private they are in increasing advances, with for example developing of the electronic handbook. In Brazil, according to Mouro (2009), the city of Belo Horizonte was the first one of the country to implant the electronic handbook and the benefits for the patients had been great. According to Mouro (2009), the benefits gotten with the computerization of the handbook are innumerable, being able themselves to consider since the improvement of the attendance to the patient, guaranteed for the continuity of the assistance given, integrating information of diverse sources, until the economy of space and better preservation of the data kept in half electronic. The current advance of YOU brings the necessary resources for the implementation of efficient electronic handbooks. With the advent of the computerization of the handbook of the patient, the registers are had access with bigger agility, having facilitated the sharing and the simultaneous access the information on patients for the integrant ones of a health institution. With the TIs still we can generate programs where the information on amount of consultations in ambulatory, number of internments, more common days of internments, deaths and illnesses can be consulted and to be the starting point for future actions of the managers.