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Business Knowledge Management

The highly competitive companies have been identified with the relevance, reach that be not only identified with what currently generates knowledge contributes, but with the necessity that its human resources handle it, having the vision and commitment to a modern management who knows what currently the knowledge management encompasses. Very valid that he is said about the importances of this strategy, it is necessary and indispensable condition for the consolidation of the future of the organizations in the new economy: increasing business value and social betterment, through research, development and innovation, aligned its human, technological and managerial, competence to their strategies and crystallized in products and services originating from your most important intangible asset-intensive: knowledge. It is also known, that manage the knowledge comes to be the management of all intangible assets that provide value to the organization in achieving capabilities, or essential, distinctive competencies. It is thus a dynamic concept, i.e. flow. By the other hand reminds us,. unipamplona.edu.co the knowledge management or Knowledge Management is the systematic process of locating, applying, distribute, store, transform and share knowledge with participants from an organization, in order to exploit the resources of knowledge based companies own intellectual capital, enhance organizational competencies and the generation of value-oriented cooperatively.

Knowledge management allows us to determine that processes must improve, that areas of service the customer makes to sell less, as do a certain process more profitable, that improve our clients of our product, expect that innovation can give us a competitive advantage over our customers. Unfortunately, there are many enterprises, especially SMEs, do not have realised what represents and provides the management of knowledge, many of them do so because they do not have a management proactive, visionary, able to adapt to the requirements demanded by current economic and commercial scenarios. It ignores that it is necessary for companies, count and implement modern tools and management methods that lay called knowledge management, all this to achieve the competitiveness, accelerate innovation, generate new resources and ensure the knowledge as the asset most precious modern administrative science has given way to new administrative toolsmanagerial topics that have guaranteed knowing them interpret and implement results that have favored the companies, so that they ensure competitiveness, the challenges and know the opportunities.