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American Jaguar

Simultaneously, new technologies of production and design of aircraft. Interestingly, the Lions on a par with ordinary Englishmen on duty in the tower in case of fire, which often occur due to the constant bombardment of Hitler's air force. It was during such duty, and was developed after the war strategy of the company, including and the rejection of abbreviation SS. The company decided to name just a Jaguar Cars. The first post-war "Jaguar" was a temporary model Mark V. But her successor, with a magnificent engine of 160 hp, known as the XK120 was one of the greatest sports cars of all times. Standard XK120 set a record 126 miles per hour.

Next followed the coupe Mark VII, who enthusiastically accepted overseas. U.S. orders totaling more than $ 30 million even forced to "Jaguar" to build a new production. Company for many years to become a major source of dollars for the British crown, which after the war, has experienced a shortage in foreign currency and raw materials. And for many British Yankees "Jaguar" has become a symbol of the American dream. The third version of the XK120 was released in April 1953 and for a long time overshadowed by many competitors due to the large number of technical innovations, the most famous of which was a disc brake, used previously only in aviation. "Jaguars" equipped with proprietary engines and brakes immediately became favorites of many auto racing. Sometimes the pedestal is fully occupied by the pilots, "Jaguars." One of the models, D-tyre, at a maximum speed of 270 km / h, up to hundreds of overclocking in just 4.8 seconds! In the 1960s, the triumphant march of "Jaguar" continued the model E-tyre, on which the world's first transistor ignition was used.

Audis Land Rover

Updated Volvo S60 sedan is elegantly flowing lines and a new style, which moves it to the forefront in the category of luxury sedan. He now meets modern requirements such as "intelligent" pedestrian protection. Volvo_S60/S60-2-480.jpg '> Although he has an even more sporty look, it has increased legroom and rear passengers a bit more space. Volvo has announced that it has developed two sets of suspension for motor vehicles S60, and the U.S. will predictably get softer springs, dampers and bushes, but as an alternative is available and the sports version of the car. Volvo S60 will be available in the USA with 304 – powerful turbocharged I-6, and with four-cylinder turbo engine will be available later. The car will be available in configurations of four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive with torque, helping the car in turns. Later, should appear not only from the diesel 'green' DRIVe series 1.6-liter, 115 horsepower, which will consume 4.3 liters of diesel per 100 km, and three petrol units.

Two of them have a volume of 1.6 liters, but their power was 150 hp and 180 hp In addition, there will be new turbocharged 2.0-liter 240-hp The interior has undergone a single S60 updates, and a fusion of luxury and Scandinavian austerity. There is a rich paste made of leather on the door panels and a hefty door metal handles, both in cars and Audis Land Rover. 'The all-new S60 brings us to the next level in terms of color, shape, material and technology "- said director Peter Horbury design. Volvo_S60/S60-6-480.jpg '> Volvo S60 is equipped with electronic sensor system that scans the road ahead and detects pedestrians in the vicinity of the car. If the computer determines that the driver sees a pedestrian on the path of movement, it warns the driver audio signal. If a pedestrian is too close and the driver did not respond to the alarm, the system automatically braked down to a complete stop the vehicle, avoiding collisions, and thus reducing injuries. Useful tips motorist

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Car

Update this car brand like Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is far unenviable task. Having gone through three generations and nine models of cars, of which only representatives of the latter two models were sold in the U.S., the initial mission rallikara adapted for urban conditions, gradually become obsolete, and now it is difficult to improve by any manner of means. We apologize for the pun, but what is the evolution of Evolution? Found the answer embodied in the form of 10 versions, the car of the 4th generation, known in Japan under the name Evolution X. In the United States, this car will be called simply – Lancer Evolution, but just for the sake of clarity we keep the Roman numeral “X”, which underlines the efficacy everything to do with the car. Evo X less maneuverable, heavier and larger, as well as slow compared to their predecessors brand Evo. Therefore, at this auto tuning is inevitable compromise. As for example, management system, it is no longer that quick response to the helm, which makes the previous model in a fashionable thing. If you are a fan of the Evo, we advise you to leave this article immediately.

If you continue to read, then You will be interested to know that there are no analogues in the world system of governance Evo X. All that is required of you – indicate the target path of the car, and all-wheel drive herself “sort out” how do you reach it. As always, the foundation of a new Evolution models have become a standard sedan Lancer and two-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. However, it has undergone some changes and got the name – 4V11. The new engine, in contrast to the previous 4G63 is made of aluminum rather than cast iron, equipped with a chain drive rather than belt-driven, and customizable timing on cam shaft. Power of 295 horsepower and 422 Nm, and the engine is lighter by 12 kg. Housing has become easier thanks to the aluminum roof hood, front fenders and front and rear bumpers.

The new suspension also made of aluminum. However, this weight savings is compensated by a more rigid frame and wide (4 cm (1.6 inches)) salon. The model will be released in on sale early next year to complete GSR and MR. Base cost for GSR – set to fluctuate around $ 30 thousand, and MR – at least $ 5 thousand more. GSR model will come complete with a 5-speed gearbox, and MR will be equipped with modified sports transmission Twin Clutch-SST. In the MR equipment will also include shock absorbers Bilstein, lightweight wheels from Enkei (each 1 kg lighter), composite brake discs (1.3 kg lighter), chrome exterior trim, as well as system navigation (optional) and leather chairs. Software for dual-clutch transmission has not been completed prior to our review of the Japanese auto market, so we were able to test only a 5-speed manual