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Audit: is it possible to more efficiently? Typically, the model of it audit with the goal based on risk assessment or on the auditor's expertise in any particular area. If a customer has a question about anything, it can be represented as a risk. It should be noted that management based on risk requires a fairly advanced and specific management, such a model is not very common not only for us but also to the west. At the same time, often conduct an audit in order to reduce any One key risk. Everyone remembers the epic with the it audit "2000 problem". Similarly, with efficiency: as a rule, we are talking about one or two articles in the budget, and the audience's attention specifically to attract them. In such matters, often turn to the examination.

The main stages of the audit in fact, conducting any it audit is roughly the following steps: Clarification of goals and harmonization of it audit, Conduct a survey and Documentation of inspections Preparation of recommendations and report generation. Typically, for such works using interviews, review of available documents. At nic has its own base screening questions to determine the real situation in the selected model. What you should pay attention to? The most important thing – is to clearly define the purpose of the it audit, write them down and discuss with the auditor as a goal and strategy for the audit. Organization needs to plan in advance the possibility of conducting the audit.

How To Get Rid Of The Virus ?

In fact, there is not something so special in the fight against the virus. Just have to have the necessary software upgrade to the latest versions and know a little bit computer architecture. And so here we go: If you got into a virus – do not panic right away, better to try and cure than to regret later that they had to fork out for a new computer or pay some people left for the treatment of pc. Now we'll look at what is necessary to begin treatment. 1) If you have Internet access, update anti-virus database, and then restart the computer and press F8 at startup, thus causing a menu boot Windows. Choose where safe mode. After you download and enter the user as an administrator, run our antivirus software – set it for maximum protection in the settings and check the entire complex. If this does not work then move on.

2) Remove the hard drive are going to ask a boyfriend or girlfriend to check with his anti-virus (main so that he had the latest version of antivirus software with the latest databases). Help – well, no – go ahead. 3) Keeping all the necessary documents on a flash drive (clean – because along with the files will be passed, and viruses). Next, insert Multiboot cd with windows or program Paragon Partition Manager to format the partitions. If the download went it was good if not then restart the computer and once it went to boot press the Delete key thereby causing the bios and it has already set to boot from the drive cd / dvd. If the Bios is blocked by a virus, do not worry once – turn off the computer, unplug the power supply and motherboard, thus remove the battery to reset the bios, then put it back and turn on the computer and boot try again press delete.

If after this there is no change, then turn off again all, unplug the power and near the battery find two protruding contact of the bridge – close to each other (Remember Power should be turned off), thereby to reset all the bios. And then he had already one hundred pounds to start. And it put the boot from the cd / dvd drive in the first place. After all this, do a full format of all (better make it two times) and put the new Windows. And with the needed files stored proceed as follows: We are waiting for a week – updates the database with an antivirus program – best used Kis latest version – and check the stick. That's basically all you can do Novice.

Service Providers

In the market of computer services in our city clear excess of the performers. Offers quickly with high quality and almost free of charge to solve all the problems with the computer coming from all sides. Is this possible in reality? There are two ways to provide computer help. First. The promise of free diagnosis, a very low price (say to reinstall Windows from 350 rubles) and other attractive terms. But no gift will not work. What are their benefits? Narrate how actually happening. After this work it appears that it is necessary for normal functioning of the computer to install many programs do not naturally free.

As a result, price becomes a factor of 3-5 thousand rubles. Usually quality of work leaves much to be desired – why? It's very simple – these are like "firm" master long , the average term of a specialist and a half months. He gets at best 10-20% of the cost work performed and that anything should earn at least – he was rushing to make as many orders as possible and more responsive service, as you know, it does not increase. Use the services of these, it is not honest craftsmen, not recommended. To recognize them is not difficult. This promises a very low cost, mass advertising, calendars, by the metro, the lack of intelligible dialogue on the phone, etc. Usually, these firms are not re-apply, but it is not concerned. All times are new gullible person not familiar with this method of "work".

The second method works in practice is much rarer. Its use some 'right company' and private-sector computer wizard. A distinctive feature is a reasonable price, quality guarantee for work performed and the personal approach. Professional on the phone beforehand determine the approximate cost of the work and the figure subsequently increased several times. Reasonable to date figure is 1500-2500 rubles for a complete reinstallation vindouz example. Or 500 rubles for preventive cleaning of the unit from dust, with complete disassembly and replacing the thermal paste under the heatsink. And work should include absolutely everything necessary for normal functioning of the computer. A specialist in this scheme teaches up to 75% and has no more than 2 calls per day, promotes high quality service. Customers with such masters pstoyanno work and recommend them to others. I hope that armed with this information you will be careful and do not suffer from poor service. I wish you make the right choice!