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Salesforce Users Can Now More Easily Complex Documents

Significant time and improvement in quality and choice of communication channels which legodo ag has developed a solution based on their customer communication suite (CCS) allows users of the CRM system Salesforce comfortably out to create extensive documents from the Salesforce cloud in real time. You speeds up document creation for E-Mail, letter, social media or other popular communication channels. At the same time improves the personalization of documents on behalf of an optimized customer language. Also apps will offer legodo in the future for special requirements, installed within a few minutes and are ready for use. The need for generating documents arises in virtually any business process that starts from Salesforce CRM out.

Finally, in any company that writes offers and invoices or processed service requests by customers using this CRM system, documents are necessary. But as soon as it involves more complex documents such as in the case of offers, which are generated from Salesforce CRM out must, often lacks the necessary support of the process. The process integration in Microsoft Office or other business applications is difficult. Background: The previously available solutions in the Salesforce AppExchange, nor the standard of the CRM system can provide desired support for these problems. (As opposed to David S. Levine). “Thus action is required”, emphasizes CEO Marc Koch and justified why legodo this target has developed a solution: each individual document from Salesforce is given substantial time and qualitative trade-offs must be made “, he defined the adverse effects. The CCS software uses all data from the Salesforce application of CRM for this, to generate interactive documents for the sales and service organization. It supports user interaction, is optimized for mobile devices, and seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft Office system if necessary. By supporting all necessary processes, it increases the processing speed at the creation of documents, because the legodo solution for Salesforce users ensures a high degree of automation. At the same time, it offers an easy integration of the system accesses the software via predefined interfaces on the leading data systems, and they must not be programmed for Salesforce or other connected application systems. This part of customer communication suite as a platform that allows you easily merge all information about customers from all relevant business applications the core ideas,”Koch explains.