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THE skeleton, which can be male or female, death represents variations in the present which is foreseeing future events. The energy of the skeleton serves as breaking strength to release the chains that bind and stop the change.Transformer principle of all things, and leads through the metamorphosis to a renewal.Right: All of it preluded a change, it may be a loss, the rupture of a friendship, or a partnership and not of necessarily because of a death, an illness that can can also advertise to the last consequences.Would be good to do self-examination and pave the way for new projects, perhaps that decision that we had postponed that we didn’t dare to take will be highlighted, even to our regret.But as it happens to mow the grass, death here announces the germination of sprouts of new ideas, new expectations.Full clave:transformacion words. Death and rebirth. The end of something. Evolution from a State to another superior.

Helpful change.Inverted: Configures a passive scenario, immobility, stagnation, we let ourselves be overcome by tedium, inertia leads us to the elevator.It can also mean a serious mishap does not necessarily deadly.Words clave:estancamiento, death, petrification. Incurable disease. Source: Samsung. Broken marriage. Lack of opportunities, hope undone.Interpretations: In concrete terms: transformation, change, destruction followed by renewal.At work: change in employment or transfer within the same workplace.In money: luck turns his way, the arrival of money can surprise beautifully, as disappear or stagnate momentarily.In friendship: relationships change, disappear many friendships in the past.Family: removal of a close family member.Health: take care of the nervous system, abdomen and poisonings.In love: change of partner or new beginning from another commitment and delivery..


THE wheel of the Fortune Wheel is a circle without beginning or end. Therefore, perpetual eternity symbol keeps two figures in the constant movement of a continuously variable universe and the current of human life.Right: It is difficult to interpret this same letter by itself, because as soon it may mean fortune and success and happiness as destination and gambling, it is advisable to relate it to the neighboring cards to dig deeper into its significance.Announces resolution of problems, proximity of unexpected events and these may be favorable or unfavorable, ultimately the wheel has no beginning and no end, we don’t know where ends the good news and bad, change to improve, to make matters worse, where is the destination.Clave:cambio, evolution, success, good fortune, target words. Happiness, abundance. New conditions. Abundance, growth.Upside down: Its meaning is perhaps more clearly, approaching unforeseen undesirable developments, interruption of a project in progress, because of events beyond a our desire, failure, end of a period of good luck and comfort.Key words: transformation shall be uneasily but will be anyway. Delayed progress, recoil. interpretations: in concrete terms: the luck changes unexpectedly bringing new and better conditions. Enabling period to collect what was sown.At work: the accomplishments be conquered easily, good fortune has come.In money: flows in abundance and effortlessly.In friendship: the relationships are many, superficial and interested, which take advantage of the generosity, trying to obtain advantages of any kind.Family: the climate is carefree and relaxed, enjoying pleasures and money, without too much deepening of relevant issues.Health: take care of digestion and food excesses.In love: the feelings are pure and are expressed with tremendous warmth, came the great love..

People Locator

A people Finder or personal locator, is a system that sets in real time its geographical position via GPS or triangulation of GSM antennas, and transmits it to the user or to the central server via GSM, radio or satellite. We can distinguish two types of people Locator, based on GPS devices and based on mobile phones, while its widespread use to locate employees, minor children, persons of advanced age or tele. Features a people Finder is a system that basically performs two functions, geo – positioning your location and transmit the coordinates. Location technology: a people Finder can use different technologies to determine their geo-positioning, such as GPS (the most usual, present practically in all devices), triangulation of antennas GSM (analyzes the signal strength of the GSM cells of the antennas of mobile phone coverage, used in mobile phones) or by triangulation of the signal by the rescue Cospas-Sarsat satellite system (used in the radio-balizas for emergencies). These technologies are not mutually exclusive with each other, being common to a people Locator use several simultaneously. With respect to coverage, systems based on GPS and Cospas-Sarsat satellites cover almost all of the land, although they may have areas of shadow, while the GSM coverage is much more limited. Telecommunications technology: once determined its position, people Locator must transmit it through a phone call, a message text, email, SMS or alert, and can use various technologies, as GSM mobile phone, satellite phone or radio frequency. Generally each device incorporates a single transmission technology, offering greater coverage via satellite followed by radiofrequency and GSM mobile telephony.

Types there are basically two kinds of people Locator: based people Locator at GPS device: is an electronic device equipped with a GPS receiver chip whose main function is to the act as a locator. You can additionally implement other positioning as GSM triangulation or radio-baliza systems to increase its functionality. They generally have a single system of transmission of information, whether GSM, via satellite or radio frequency. People Locator based on mobile phone: is a software application that is installed as an application on a mobile phone (or) on any other device mobile like PDA, notebook or tablet PC and locate its position either by GSM triangulation or GPS (if available). People Locator applications is an increasingly popular device and has numerous applications, and locate employees, children, elderly people, athletes, travel adventure, security, Tele-assistance or control of people at risk (disability, Alzheimer, or battered women). With respect to the modes of operation, people Locator generally available on automatic mode and manual mode activated by the user, remote mode upon request by SMS or call either by built-in sensors or programming. Source: People original author and source of the article locator