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Fan Page Traffic System

Possibly like me there was a moment in which you arrived hundreds of emails promoting several courses or software which would generate you thousands of dollars instantly thanks to Facebook and the famous Fan Pages. Before this happen Jani G, Alex Malave & Devin C announced the Get FB Ads For Free system which caused a great stir and the majority of the great were promoting this, but as in any situation not missed those who wanted to make a similar product and so it was. So in a few days there were plugins, software, codes, templates, etc, promising to make an avalanche of traffic, I tried 3 of these systems and I will give you my point of view about this controversy. The product of Jani G sincerely was a scam since although it promised that you were going to generate sales in 20 min it was far removed from the reality at least for novices, since despite giving the template to generate a very manageable Fan Page by the way, never gave instructions to generate traffic, clear unless you pay $200 to be invited to your webinar. By the way this product lasted very little time in the market. Another course was Isocial Academy of Austin Walsh who basically answered all the questions of FB Ads For free in terms of traffic and not just for Facebook, also has pretty good material about other social networks.

The last material you buy on this topic was the Fan Page Traffic System of Roy Fielding that apart from having a very good template for your Fan Page contained all the information needed to begin work on Facebook. So far I have not tried the plugins for WordPress, but soon the hare. Apparently the idea of putting a Fan Page on Facebook is very tempting and there is nothing better to do so since it is currently the largest social network in the world with 500 million users worldwide, and most of these are active users with average of 1 hour per day of use.