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Before even that the DNI nicknamed the chip of the electronic signature, the lawyers was provided us our professional meat with such anticipation. And with a futuristic elevated positivism, he spoke of an imminent procedural revolution. It’s been years, and the virtuality of this tool, but null is currently very low. All are convinced that new information technologies lead a metamorphosis of our profession. Without going any further, the other day celebrated a trial with a companion of advanced age, labor lawyer, who came to room with an iPad, as sole support or tool.

However, it seems that we are not able to find the way up to that point, every time that recently operated reform has focused rather on the optimisation of processes. Which is not negative nor exclusive, and can be the first decisive step, everything is said. The truth is that our justice moves with the slowness of an elephant, both in its day-to-day operations and in addressing the changes and needs greater agility to give timely responses. Perhaps the future debate focuses on how to implement electronically notifications to all parts of a process, when I personally think it is easier than all that, as is a waste of time duplicate (or multiply) files, are virtual or physical. There must be one only, the judicial, located on a server protected by the Ministry of justice. And all those involved, procurators, lawyers, Secretaries, judges and staff members access through accredited electronic signature.

Just as prosecutors have to be notified daily physically, according to this new implementation would do so with the same regularity, although with computer evidence. The various writings of the parties would be submitted telepathically, remaining linked but not integrated into cars while they do not diligencien. The transfer of copies between the parties equally simplify with consequent saving of time, paper and money.