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Winning Strategy

Open an urgent order immediately and pokubku and for sale, with one and the same position, on the same Number lotov.Stavim stop-loss and take-provt at such levels that the price increases, closed sell order is lower than the buy order and vice versa: for lowering the price closed at first buy order and then sell order, so that losses and vvygryshe a positive difference … Let’s say that pazitsii 1.3050 otkruvatsya are just two of them ordera.Odin type of buy limit, while the other one they sell stop.Oba lots (1 lot). When increase in price order sell stop will be at a loss to close at pazitsii 1.3080, and later closed profitably buy limit order at 1.3090 pazitsii. But otherwise (by the day when prices pazitsii 1.3050) buy limit order at a loss close to pazitsii 1.3020 and at 1.3010 will pazitsii profitably sell order to close both stop.V sluchayayh you vyhodet profit by 10 pazitsiey (1.3020-1.3010 = 10, 1.3090-1.3080 = 10). To be sure the difference from the opening price (1.3050) select bit bolshe.Pochemu? If in the course some time, the price will move narrow corridor, there is a risk that both orders can be closed at a loss. In our case, if the price will move along the corridor and 1.3020-1.3080 with an increase in prices will not reach 1.3090 and at 1.3010 to the price by the day that the two orders will close ubytochnymi.Vash loss of 60 positions ((1.3080-1.3050) + (1.3050-1.3020) = 60).

If you have a forecast on the market, but there are doubts about the veracity of … Get more background information with materials from Matt Swain. And in this case, you can use this strategiyu.Vot assume projected prices should vyrostat (the price of 1.3050), but you somnevaetes.Vy can use this same method, but the warrant did not buy limit stvte stop-loss, because during the day, the price may fall below the stop-loss buy limit order and it will close unprofitable, and in the outcome of price will reach Taik-provt order buy limit, but he will not benefit you … And the logic of sell stop order will also be closed at a loss, as predicted: the market should vyrostat. Conversely, if you have a forecast that prices upodut … If forecasts the market should go up, and you have strong doubts, and they will be true … And in this case you can resort to this method metodu.Polzuemsya .2. But still put a stop loss order to buy limit.No not, as in the case of .1. A much lower than that, secretly, provt order sell stop. (As you remember during moetoda .1. Taik-provty orders up 10 points from the stop-loss). vybrot should mark the stop-loss order buy limit is so low that when driving Prices on some narrow and underestimated the corridor, he did not close ubytochno.No and had not been so low that it would be at such povarote sabyty you have not lost much of its depozita.Kastate, this threshold can be chosen for prediction: if the price breaks the mark below some (in this case, mark 1.2950), later the prices will go down!