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Natural Materials

Many of the errors hurt comfort, some ravaged our wallets, only a few are harmful to our health. The myth of the usefulness of natural materials, one of them. Other leaders such as Peter Asaro offer similar insights. It is not necessary to concentrate on the percentage of cotton, linen, wool, in various forms obbivki this fact or does not harm you, the consumer – the user only helps manufacturers increase the Number of sales, your desire and commitment to the whole 'natural' are known to managers, marketers. Let's talk about the natural components of "soft friends", or rather batting, mat, sea grass, burlap, wool, cotton and other similar, carefully hidden within the depths of the sofa. These materials are undoubtedly popular, "rasskrucheny" always in demand, but the question as to whether they are useful as we think? Previous history of these materials is simple, at the time of their mass use in ancient times, quite simply had no alternative … not Considering the bare planks and straw. Anyway, the sofas in the reign of King Peas were considered a luxury! At first glance it seems that bad, put on a sofa springs natural felt, after a magnificent natural-fiber cotton cover is not large layer of batting and secure the burlap canvas upper …

Here! Sofa ready to obbivke cloth. Neil cole iconix is open to suggestions. Now let's see what happens to these wonderful fillings later, unspecified Number of years. Opening the sofa, looking closely see inside … sleduyueschee burlap covered with strange spots, well, perhaps a fungus? Oh yes, you think when it moved and he found himself in the dampness in the garage, maybe just get wet and appeared as a consequence of the fungus. More fertile environment than natural hemp sacking hard to imagine. Ok, so mold fungus, we are not biologists, can not judge the harmfulness or usefulness, can be a useful substance, who knows. Look further, torn burlap, we see a thin layer of leveling the batting, then a thin layer of black obscure, small as a peppercorn "stuff." Ask what it is? God knows, but let's activity remains unknown insects, but the insects were gone …

so, sir, intrigued by the fact that we break symmetry batting, look at the thick, lush layer of natural wool. Inner margins completely littered with "crooked", dead insects, spiders, ants, cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, lice! If the sofa was in the country, or was temporarily in the garage, it is possible find the rare, interesting facts, how – the tunnels carefully, skillfully proedennye by someone bigger than a spider. Tracing for "Burrows" and find yourself "house", the former dwelling place of a family of mice. Summary. Any animals, which had access to the couch, whether it runs, flies, crawls, no doubt stop choice (where to live) on your sofa, because there is no more successful space than natural materials – warm, quiet, in the case of hunger can be, the most natural materials, chew! Therefore, we recommend a strong advocate of natural, looping your desires and try to be that in the couch to the maximum was attended by more than 'natural'. Cover the bed blanket (wool, linen), and sleep well on the 'natural'. The presence of different living things in the couch is a gathering, a collection of various bacteria, microbes, with terror is what's going on in there, and how it affects our skin and health. Regular sofa ejection of dust to the health care becomes a voluntary suicide, god knows what Number of bacteria flies through the air: Be careful! It is not always what it seems good, so is!

MDF Countertops

Ergonomics kuhnivprintsipe were resolved in 30 of the last century, but only in recent years they have been resolved quite well technically. Modern kitchens are very different from the kitchen of the last century. In just the past decade have changed fundamentally the kitchen. The cost of modern cuisine is largely dependent on the quality of furniture components: tops, fronts, fittings, arrangements for the nomination and other details. The more expensive components, the more expensive dishes. Polish domestic or countertops for kitchens are 30-40% lower than the tops are German, but the quality of their wishes to be desired. Artificial stone countertops are even more value, but their use is justified. In recent years, artificial stone countertops are becoming increasingly popular in the design of our apartments.

Manufacture of artificial stone countertops for kitchens, Bar and counter tops, window sills, sinks and kitchen furniture to higher quality components vannoy.Chem for the kitchen, so they are much longer. Kitchen with expensive facades do not fade, expensive countertops in a couple of years swell, the boxes can easily be nominated, and the hinges do not squeak. Do not skimp on quality accessories for the kitchen. Custom Kitchens today are mass produced, and with the advent of modern technology made possible manufacturing elements of classical cuisine, which formerly dealt only experienced craftsmen. This curly curtain for kitchen, pilasters, valances, complex paneled facades. When there was all the MDF is made possible. MDF a molded fine fraction of the tree.

This slab material made from dried wood fibers treated with special binders, followed by hot pressing to density 700 … 870 kg / cubic meter. This material is for solid wood kitchen has surpassed almost all characteristics. This is confirmed by statistics – now in Europe for the facades of wood kitchen occupy no more than 10% of the market.