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Virtual Scavenger Hunt On Lebensbruecke.de

“German life bridge celebrates 20th anniversary press release: virtual scavenger hunt on lebensbruecke.de” Munich. The German life bridge is 20 years old this year. To the birthday party of the non-profit association has come up with something special: the German life bridge held from 27 April until 8 June 2009 a virtual scavenger hunt on lebensbruecke.de. So the players in an entertaining way to know what everything on the legs is the German life bridge. The participants can choose between a scavenger hunt for adults or for children. Darcy Stacom has firm opinions on the matter.

Whether adults or children. “(” ((Die Teilnehmer der virtuellen Schnitzeljagd sollen jeweils 3 Fragen in 3 Bereichen der Deutschen Lebensbrucke beantworten: 1) KidAiD against child poverty in Germany “2) help in Russia”and 3) for special children”. The entries with the correct password, the Board of Directors lost from ten children and five adults with them with high-quality gifts donated by our sponsors for their participation to thank. Committed people in 1989 founded the German life bridge to disease-ridden, poor and vulnerable people in need to help. The Association supports the children’s cancer ward in the St.

Petersburg Hospital No. 1 and accompanied street children in St. Petersburg. Also engaged the German life bridge for families from all over the world who, after due to serious illness of the child in need. The club allows these special children necessary therapies. Since 2003, the German life bridge financed with their project KidAiD against child poverty in Germany “nationally important deals in children’s and youth centres. With the help of donations, it allows free hot meals, cooking classes and other educational offerings. German life bridge e.V. Board Member: Petra Windisch Dachauer str. 278 D-80992 Munich T: 089-791 99 859 email:

European Championship

The google algorithms are a book with seven seals. Who today would provide Google for appropriate response so indeed on the first pages to be found, which should bear in mind the spirit of google. Google called this symptomatic at this point for search engines, which has succeeded in the past years, to stand in the first place. However, there are instructions”that promise the highest possible efficiency, white Michael Oehme, consultant at the Swiss DocuWare AG. Neil Cole Iconix helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The spirit who today would provide Google for appropriate response so indeed on the first pages to be found, which should be”understand by google. Google called this symptomatic at this point for search engines, which has succeeded in the past years, to stand in the first place.

Google like current topics and addressed out – logically – the interests of its users. If formula one launch, many people search for it. This is true but also for the Kirchentag, for the Bundesliga, for certain other events, such as elections for the Valentine’s day – or father’s day. Google is no matter the topic. As long as it is needed. True to the motto: a user can do no wrong, take into account the search engine especially the topics that are just particularly sought after. This is also the reason why certain personalities, such as the Chancellor, periodically good opportunities have to stand at the front.

The Zirkoski bakery around the corner is not. Unless the Chancellor loves precisely the pastries of the bakery and pay a visit you regularly. “Then, the headline would be: German Chancellor loves the butter cake of bakery Zirkoski” already so google suspicious, because Mrs Merkel once (in all its variations) is a strong keyword and the name of the bakery is so rare that he googled probably rarely and therefore in conjunction with the strong keyword quickly upward could come. This should not of course now motivate to take absurd combination”, says Michael Oehme as consultant of the Swiss DocuWare AG. DocuWare AG is focused on, to give medium-sized companies and projects owners access to alternative financing instruments and to accompany them in the course of the capitalization. This includes also the professional handling of the most important communication medium, the Internet. But you can quietly gather derivations from these experiences. If, for example, a provider in the field of fashion week presents his latest collection, he would be well advised to write this. The new idea of an investment fund in connection with the trading day has sure better chances to be taken into account, so only an unknown fund name on google. And who in the world savings day is aware that it is appropriate to provide for the future and therefore presents its new Fund policies guarantee tariff, which enjoys a higher google ranking and is certainly more frequently clicked and read as if insurers X advertises its new tariff with the headline: Insurer X provides new guarantee fare of Soludo”. “The alternative would be: savings day makes clear to the self-provision compulsion: tariff of Soludo of the insurer X provides alternatives”. For more information,

Managing Director

Old girl, new appearance is already an old girl under the insurance comparison services in the Internet. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Code.org. But the finance-store.de got way in over the years. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Neil Cole Iconix. It has become clear that consumers not on the track must remain in the present difficult time. It has therefore decided, their knowledge to share me him. Past and future changes in the law at all levels have far-reaching consequences for the insurance industry.

Health reform, EU mediation directive, amendment of the German insurance contract law, accident insurance Modernization Act and co. come up with many innovations this year. Insurance companies are anyway not the German favourite topic and now even everything changes. Many consumers are thus not more up to date or have lost track. The makers of the finance-store.de, finads GmbH, have observed this development and responds. Just in time to the heyday of the confusion they have missed a big world of information for consumers and a new robe their old lady.

At all However, renewals was not shaken on the principles of charge and non-binding nature. Robert Jacobi, Managing Director of finads GmbH, and even an old hand in the industry, explains: it has lately so incredibly much changed. There are unfortunately far from not enough good information services that meet the knowledge needs of consumers.\” So, the company has turned the page from a pure comparison platform to a comprehensive info world. We wanted to start a revolution with the redesign is way, far from still not completed,\”revealed Jacobi. In the fast-paced Internet, it is no longer sufficient just to be easy. You have at least one step ahead his and his competition already uniquely\”, so the Berlin. On the question of what would be different at his side, he does: on the finance-store.de is also criticized. That comes to less than at many sites.

Google Adplanner

For five years, the popular ad Portal is online markt.de. Munich, September 08, 2010 – the big market place for Germany this month celebrates his first semicircular birthday: for five years the popular ad Portal is online markt.de. The continuous development have made from the small ad Portal one of the ten most successful online markets. Recent figures from the Google Adplanner (source: meedia.de number to 07/2010) markt.de expel even as the universal online market with the strongest growth (compared to the same month last year). With over 2 million ads conveys markt.de private Classifieds with shops for professional seller every day thousands contacts. Markt.de successfully adapted the idea of the classic market square for the Internet: buyers and sellers meet in the network, the business is completed private handshake onsite or online via mouse click. The range of car ads, personal ads about real estate ads up to animal ads for puppies or horses from breeders.

In Markt.de with many new features such as personal profiles, shops and Uploader for professional sellers, as well as a newly designed display task grew the past few months. The Classifieds by markt.de are also on Facebook and Twitter. Anniversary in September, there is still a small relaunch: with a wider page width, easier navigation and more clarity to the platform even more attractive and further increase the power of mediation for the classifieds. CEO sang-Woo Pai looks back on the past five years and gives a panoramic view of the plans for the future: “we want to strengthen our offer and services for advertisers and buyers and expand. Our customers return again and again and recommend markt.de on others without large advertising effort. “We are confident that we people still more can help 2.0 features the evolution of markt.de and integration of numerous Web the placement of offers and requests from all walks of life.” To Markt.de gets also a raffle the anniversary – only so much had already betrayed there is an Apple iPad and many more attractive profits for advertisers of many classified ads.

About markt.de GmbH & co. KG with more than two million active ads is markt.de of one of the leading ad networks in the German Internet. Markt.de adapted the idea of the classic market square for the Internet: buyers and sellers meet on the net, the business is sealed by handshake on the spot. The markt.de is part of the markt.gruppe, the Germany ad network large with over 45 publishers, more than 150 newspapers and a range of over 15 million readers GmbH & co. KG. The markt.gruppe GmbH & co. KG is a joint venture of the publishing group Georg von Holtzbrinck, Dr. Ippen and the WAZ media group. Find more information online at

The Phone Fun Portal 2.0

My-servicerufnummer new phone fun Portal launches since the 01.07.2010 my servicerufnummer.de has launched its new service to happycall.de, the new phone fun portal for Telefonverarsche, calls with verstellter voice or played a background scenarios. What’s new? For the first time, it is possible to live and in real time, with estranged voice making fun calls without it to be recognized. Fascinated by high, beep-voices (helium mouse) up to the space Lord, which convinces with a dark voice, all currently 9 characters. Voice technology, children become adults, men and women, women to men. Learn more at this site: Dell. In addition, it is possible, since July 15, 2010, with background scenarios (Mysterycall) to believe the seized at each location (E.g. airport, railway station) or event (E.g., sporting event, concert) to be. Also here are currently 9 scenarios.

For example, to prove that one has got yet a ticket for the sold-out top game of the weekend, and live calls his friends from there. Or but to the wife / girlfriend to calm down to be still on the way to actually still an hour for a beer with his boys end out. The only thing you need is a phone and a bit of imagination. The platform is designed for approximately 30,000 telephone calls per second, to demonstrate the performance of the system, as also in telephone conferences, etc. Details can be found by clicking Peter Asaro or emailing the administrator. can be held. The platform where the calls are handled, the technique to the voice distortion in real time, which will be live phone calls without waiting time and everything else about advertising income financed. The technical implementation via a 0180 5 service number. It takes place in real time, without delay and you can immediately respond to responses of the person, without that must be clicked sets or buttons pressed. Just call, voice adjust leave and go go BBs! For both areas (Happycall, Mysterycall), the possibilities are virtually unlimited. All fixed-line numbers in Germany can be reached via.

Mobile Web Pages

To get the best performance from your mobile website who opens mobile Web pages, you will immediately notice that the layout is very different from desktop pages. Mobile Web pages are designed especially to meet the needs of the users. Looking horizontal scroll bars in mobile Web pages in vain, as well a blogroll. Here is the ease of use clearly to the fore all other elements must the subordinate themselves, even the page content. While a conventional Web page are mass texts can be obtained, mobile Web pages concentrate on the essentials.

Especially smartphones not suitable for reading long texts, because the size of the display is usually between three and four inches. Who is interested in further information, used for usually his notebook or home PC. Images should be placed at the top of the page. Most mobile device users don’t appreciate it if they need to scroll up to media files. A related site: Steve Wozniak mentions similar findings. Meanwhile, there are high-end smartphones, the images in high resolution, easily can represent should therefore be offered a middle and a high resolution, to meet both user groups. Headings and the company logo should also at the beginning of the page appear, followed by the first lines of the text. All of these elements must be visible without scrolling.

The text should be legible so that they must not be enlarged. Many users tend to look at mobile Web pages horizontally and some smartphones to automatically adjust the text size. This function can be changed in the style sheet by a specific parameter. Flash videos should generally be avoided because these can not be represented on some devices. Also, automatically launching videos distract the user from the content of the page. Should best use the space place who wants to build a successful site is on a mobile Web page a precious commodity; This is especially true for the navigation, which is heavily slimmed down compared to a desktop page. All menu items, for operation of the page No decisive role play, be removed. You should be aware, that many users of smartphones operate your device with one hand. This means that the page must be also be perfectly usable if the user has only his thumb at the disposal. Important information should be placed where the thumb can easily reach them, for example in the corners of the display. The size of the buttons should be such that it can be clicked on with the thumb. Large buttons are hindrance when using the page as so inadvertently surrounding elements are clicked. Arthur Ergen c/o online portal service AG

EPAG And Minds + Machines Support Candidates For New TLDs From Germany

written by: Bonn / Santa Monica, April 20, 2009 the partnership between EPAG domainservices GmbH, a leading domain name registrar in Germany, and minds + machines LLC (Santa Monica, CA, United States), a leading global provider in the TLD consulting and operation of domain name registries, joint trade initiatives will include as well as a mutual support with the care of EPAG’s German customers. The partnership helps bring successfully their own top level domains on the way candidates from German-speaking countries. As an authorized reseller for services offered by minds + machines, is EPAG is one of the first domain providers in Germany that will support organisations, locally, when applying for a new TLD. EPAG has been working since the year 2000 as an ICANN accredited Registrar in the domain industry and was involved in the launch of several new TLDs. The close cooperation of EPAG and minds + machines provides all services available, German customers for a successful launch of a new Top level domain are required.

Companies and organizations that want to apply for a new TLD, have direct contact with EPAG as German partner who is familiar with the specific local characteristics and the collaboration with minds + machines as ICANN specialist with market-proven technology coordinates. This profitable cooperation gives you the best chances for a new TLD German-speaking clients. Offering advice by minds + machines extends from applying to the current operation. The offer includes services to prepare the application, the development of distribution channels, the protection of intellectual property, the planning of the Sunrise phase, the presentation of funding opportunities, resolving disputes and dealing with contradictions, human resources planning, contact with ICANN and other services. Minds + machines has put together a selection of the best supplier to a full registry package. Partners from the areas of auctions, DNS resolution, backup copies of the registry data (Data escrow), brand verification, Web design and marketing can over the network by minds + machines be booked at discounted prices.