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Hot And Favorable Summer For Berlin Visitors With Ostel

“Summer tip for Berlin visitors: musical visit hot summer” is the most famous cult musical of the East and the street sweeper of the GDR was’s DEFA film par excellence. From 1968 he was enthused over six million cinema-goers with the Schlager dream pair Chris Doerk and Frank Schobel. in 2009, the stage adaptation of this musical has been rearranged and is listed now in the summer on the stage of the regatta course in Berlin-Grunau. Who don’t want to miss this, should as quickly as possible in Berlin one night booking Ostel trip and nostalgia: a convenient city trip central accommodation with cult musical ideal that is the Ostel. It is central not far away from the venue, and cheap and also offers the matching DDR charm of that era. The Ostel”in the District of Friedrichshain is the keyword: nostalgia.

All 33 rooms are decorated in the residential style of the GDR. The design of the 70s is here: original exhibits such as chairs, radios, lamps, pictures, tables, beds, simply everything recalls the During the German Democratic Republic. Learn more at this site: Alina de Almeida. Even on the walls, pattern wallpaper hanging flowers and. The idea of the business owners, both in East Germany born, well received. The Ostel located behind the East station on the Wriezener Karree 5. The rooms of the grey is spread over six floors. Ostel – central room and cheap room rental for the “hot summer” in Berlin whether socialist luxury or Spartan modesty in “Pioneer camp” with bunk beds – the most beautiful sides of East German Interior design show rooms. The idea of the business owners, both in East Germany born, well received.

The Ostel is located centrally behind the Ostbahnhof to the Wriezener Karree 5. So central in the middle of the city you can experience not only the fall of the wall anniversary really, but also concerts, parties and musicals. ostel.EU/Zimmer/Zimmer.html the location is not very important for the success of the new hostel. But also the moderate prices of accommodation are well received among the guests. Hang on the walls of the room pictures of Honecker, Ulbricht, Sammy and co. A better attunement to the fall of the wall there can be no anniversary and the cult musical of the East “Hot summer”. The content fits the current travel fever to Berlin: 11 students from Dresden are on a prize trip to Berlin Grunau. Here they meet 10 Leipzig students in the summer of her student. Of course, both even squads provide much nonsense and a hot summer. Over 60 singers, musicians and actors as well as 1 dog and a Trabant 601 enchant the guests of the hot summer”with gorgeous melodies and lilting rhythms of our youth. Dates: July and August. The venue: regatta grandstand Berlin Grunau. There is here the bookings for the Ostel: and more information about the Ostel and Berlin in the Osteleigenen blog: ostblog/ostblog.php a trailer of the musical with Frank Schobel

Calmont Burr Trail

Via ferrata feeling high above the Moselle of the Calmont is a scenic gem on the Moselle river and lies between the villages of Bremm and eller. He offers not only the Queen of white wines, Riesling, at its 65 degree ideal steep slate slopes conditions, but also the ambitious hikers. The Calmont Klettersteig is a no real platform in terms of via ferrata in the Alps, he offers a demanding tour in a beautiful, magnificent wine landscape with Alpine flair but the hikers. The Calmont is known as the steepest Riesling sundeck of Europe and who want to cross him on the steep, narrow paths, should have a certain degree of Surefootedness and condition. More info: Energy Capital Partners. It will cost some sweat one or the other, especially as there is to deal with some height differences on the 5 kilometre long route. For you is but with wonderful views of the river Moselle loop, the monastery ruins Stuben and the surrounding countryside rewards. All the way, you can find great vantage points with chairs, benches and tables that invite you to rest and relax.

The difficult and somewhat exposed passages have been defused on the entire route step pins, wire ropes and ladders. Recently the Calmont another attraction is richer, it reconstructed the replica of the Gallo-Roman sanctuary of height at the highest point of the Massif. It is one of the most important sites from Celtic and Roman times on the river Moselle. A footwear with non-slip sole is particularly important for this tour, they provide the necessary grip on the climb. Because it is exposed to the whole tour of the Sun, should be a lot of drinks with them. As said, has been the thirst only times it is usually too late, this can sometimes lead to dizziness and muscular cramps. And the more you know it, is a tour of the gate from the beautiful tour.

So my advice: for the ascent of the climbing platform to cooler days are looking for or leave in the morning! Who still have enough Power reserves after the tour has, can stroll through the picturesque, medieval streets of Ediger-eller or returns in one of the many Strausswirtschaften and cosy restaurants. Worth a visit! My recommendation: Start the tour in banks at the Church, there are also parking facilities. From there, follow the signs to via ferrata”. The whole route is continuously very well marked. At the end of the climbing platform must you decide however, it descends in the direction of eller and hike back on the Moselle or choosing the Calmont mountain trail. This however is waiting with a strenuous climb, is for this but very scenic. The via ferrata can be made in both directions, who so want to renounce on the car and environmentally friendly travel, going by train to Ediger-eller. The entrance to the via ferrata is located directly behind the station.

Railway Experience Days Saxon Switzerland

Railway attractions for young and old on 10/11 April 2010 that turns all Saxon Switzerland open on 10th and 11th April 2010 to the large and small cars. Ready for the third time the members of the AG railway experience invite to discover the Saxon Switzerland as railway land. In addition to the beautiful nature, the region also for fans of big and small cars has something to offer. A total of nine attractions have come for the weekend something very special up himself. The connection of these rail attractions with a ticket is probably unique.

The visitors will have to pay only once and can enjoy all the attractions a day or all weekend long. Families will be delighted by the offer, because admission is free for children up to 14 years. Each adult can bring up to 4 children. For even more details, read what Code.org says on the issue. The transport network of the Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe in the tariff zone can be used for the connection between the attractions of bad Schandau with the ticket free of charge. In addition, there will be two shuttle-bus lines.

The services in detail: Station 1: Feldbahn Museum Lohmen Mr. Leite is the Feldbahn Museum Mr. Leite with accessible shuttle bus. From the market square in Wehlen bus between 09:52 and 17:52 every hour directly up at the Railway Museum (travel time approx. 20 min). Visitors to the railway experience days can take a tour of the quarry with a historic Feldbahn then there. In addition to the free tour of field railways, the Association offers guided tours. Back in the direction of Wehlen is then again every hour between 10:14 and 18:14. With an intermediate stop at the station 2 is right. \”Station 2: small Saxon Switzerland the small Saxon Switzerland\” in village is always an exciting voyage Wehlen. All major attractions of the Saxon Switzerland can be admired here in miniature.