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The law of societies cooperatives of Spain (Law 27/1999) in its article 5. exhibits: any class except credit unions, may be if their statutes as foreseen, a section of credit, without independent legal personality of the cooperative that is part, limiting their active and passive operations to the own cooperative and its partners. Operational partners of the cooperative used services section of credit as authentic banks, with unique inability to link directly with the Spanish banking system. Typical products are: savings accounts, current accounts and fixed-term deposits. These liabilities will be used to finance partners and the cooperative itself. Loans, usually in the medium or long term, and the annual appropriations help partners achieve the funding necessary for the exploitation of their farms or activities. Other sections of the cooperative (supply shop, petrol station,) who billed to the partner can perform charges to the Cuentas-seccion of them.

Similarly (sales of crops, grants, payroll) fertilizers may also be recorded.The advantages are obvious for the cooperative: charges interest on deferral of payments, controls the risk of partner total and get a more helpless Treasury. A last advantage is the loyalty with our operate.The problem above mentioned about the impossibility of accessing the banking system can be resolved, and in fact what this, using double account system. The cooperative signed a collaboration agreement with a bank or cash. For each account in the section are opening one in the other entity. About the cuentas-banco is achieved access to the banking system (transfers, pay pensions, telephony etc.). Daily balances of the cuentas-banco are matched to a fixed amount and the differences are credited or charged in the general account of the section maintained at the Bank. The computer solution for the correct management of the credit section is not just an accounting with liquidations of interests goes much further. Practically operates as a bench or box but with characteristics that differentiate it from these.