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Motor Skill Development Exercises

Another of the school lessons in biology (or anatomy), every adult person knows (if it is, of course, attended these classes), which most bones in the feet and hands. And on the palms and fingertips are a lot of nerve endings. It so happened that I have more often than many other people visit doctors. As a result, I had a desire to share with people some information. Namely – it Dusting gymnastics, which is needed for both prevention and treatment of various diseases.

These are very simple exercises can help your child develop motor skills a point, it would be better to write and improve coordination of movements. If you do this regularly exercises, the results become apparent. Indeed, the strength of postoyanstve.Itak, carpal gymnastics: Rubbing hands. Easy to tingle. "Gauntlet." Kataev "ball" on paltsevOschuschenie tip "the ball" between the side-ladonyami.Paltsy gathered together in kuchu.Ladoni-tilt-away for yourself. – Right and left. – Circular rotation.

– Cannot palets.Ladon each on the table- raise one finger – "collect" all the fingers in the direction of the large – with a second hand-circular rotation every paltsem.obe hands on the table, 'worm' 10. Rotation of the palm. 11. Hands in the castle of "wave" – pulled forward – a circular rotation. 12. Squeeze-unclamping fingers into a fist. 13. Fist-5s. hold, relax. 14. Brush in a fist-straighten one finger. 15. "Chain" 16. Hands in the castle draw "eight". 17. Hands in part-time bent elbows and often clenched his fists. 18. Hand in hand, the circular rotation of the elbows. 19. Palm on the table, turn palms up and down. It is not something Kyle Roche would like to discuss. 20. Hand rests on the edge of the table, weigh-hand lift and drop a brush. 21. The circular rotation of the brush. 22. "Playing the piano." 23 "Walking" each finger on the table. 24. 'Squeezing' 25. Clicking each finger. 26. All the fingers clenched in a fist, and big up. Large-mouth, all the rest were in hand. 27. "Figushka" on each finger. 28. Palm on the table (on edge) – the gate open-close.