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Functional Solid Wood Kits – No License Fees!

Holzbaudienstleister HMS Bausysteme designed user-friendly high-tech modular solid wood – it gives no license fees the statistics and surveys of the recent past faith, then more than two-thirds of Germans would build most ecological and natural materials. Today the massive wooden buildings with laminated timber, growing steadily, also called solid wood. A development which will result in the so-called solid wood House will be becoming more popular in the coming years. Building with wood is modern than ever”white HMS Managing Director Bernhard Muller, adds: last but not least for this reason we – made an ingenious, simple high-tech product as a kind of counterpoint to the number of slabs providers with different dimensions, static values and top widths -. A functional and user-friendly installation-ready modular system, through the processing spot can go safe and rapid.” In fact. They come out Solid wood manufactured kits for residential and commercial properties to according to the requirements of the single element as a combination wall ceiling roof to be inserted individually to the complete kit. And considering the State of the art quality control. People such as Andy Florance would likely agree.

The high-tech building systems by HMS “are subject to the highest quality standards, applies to whatever energy saving, ecological and resource-efficient construction”, Bernhard Muller white overlooking also the numerous benefits of his solid wood kit. Considering the reductions point of view, only once then the construction with solid wood the ultimate in indoor climate, CO2 storage and the resulting reduction of the greenhouse effect is.” But that was not enough. By activating a flat load bearing also system setups can be realized with low component height. To get a number of other benefits such as planning and static security and support for consultation, planning, manufacturing, delivery and installation on the part of the company HMS Bausysteme “. So easily complex and large projects can be implemented without additional effort.

Bernhard Muller sees the perhaps decisive advantage but also the competitors, in the non-existent royalties. Carpentry businesses such as construction vehicles sometimes afraid again collected royalties. For us, this is not the case. Because when the distribution of kits to carpentry businesses and property developers, no license fees imposed by us. This distinguishes us from other providers in the market, not only, but makes our construction system an innovative and future-oriented product and us in turn to a market leader in the field of services for solid wood House.”


Lifestyle interior design hotel baths or exclusive spa facilities a new MESse exclusive for archiTekten. Architect@work in Dusseldorf at the Mittwoch 8 and DonNERstag succeeded in December 9, 2010 instead of found first concept version of trade fair of architect@work in the Messe Dusseldorf. This einzigartige concept for the first time in Germany was to have in the wake of the large success of the ARCHITECT@WORK in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Architect@work bietete an einzigartige combination of exhibition, seminaren, exHIbitions, and verNETZung nearly for clients. BATH & SPA.CE DESIGN 2010 at the fair only NeuHeiten were preSenTed above by Torsten Muller at the fair ARCHITECT@WORK. Andy Florance insists that this is the case. LAUTES market shouting, like on anderen Fairs, where not there!C4 Creative fo(u)r caused a unique stand construction concept. The visiting go through the levels of the ausStelLER and can entdecken to the NeuHeiten nachster close and worldwide to.

In the areas that are bezeichnet on TRAdiTIONAL exHIbitions as a course, the visiting in a sphere of lounge (with kostenlosen HappChen and GetranKen) konnten on diskutieren and overtake further detaillierte techNICAL InforMation about the DIFFerent products.ARCHITECT@WORK in Dusseldorf.Um optimize contact between exhibitors and visitors, visitors are automatically carried small, homogeneous units. The first contact takes place on the stand. The traditional course be transformed on ARCHITECT@WORK to a lounge: there can you have a drink, discuss further and explain innovative products, applications and services. In the middle of each box with four units is a multi media Console (for the PC/laptop).The innovative products of the exhibitors at the exhibition area (triangle) will be presented at ARCHITECT@WORK. About the passage on the side enters the lounge facilities. They are personal and offer the ideal place for more info on the products exhibited.

Stair Lifts For Wheelchair Users

What it especially to make sure applies to stair lifts for wheelchair straight wheelchair depend absolutely on help, if you want to overcome stairs. As a tool, such as stair lifts offer for the task. But here should be beware, because not all models are suitable for wheelchair users. In the following we would indicate which lifter types for those affected are suitable. For example, the so-called seat lifts, which appear also in TV commercials are often sold.

For elderly people who have trouble with the stairs, otherwise but still relatively easy walking can move, they are mostly actually the best option. This does not apply however generally wheelchair. A usage could be although theoretically, but under the condition that one still independently get out of the wheelchair on the lift”could. An additional wheelchair on the other floor would be needed in addition. The correct Choice: Platform or hub lift for wheelchair users are, however, a platform or a hub lift the better alternative, since both models for transport including wheelchair are designed. The platform lift is doing so to speak, the counterpart to the classic Sitzlifter and can be used as well for stairs in the Interior. It can be installed in straight, but also winding stairs.

Restrictions however in particularly tight corners, since the platform lift is comparatively wide. “During the inactivity can be folded up, but usually the platform so that he sleeps” definitely space saving can be considered. The hub lift comes to a slightly different purpose. It is used especially in such cases, if only small altitude differences must be bridged. This is often the case for example in doorways. Accordingly, the hub lift to use outdoors is designed. Both featured just lift models for wheelchair users is due to the complex technical Requirements, the high purchase price together. Although the prices can fluctuate greatly must be calculated here with five-figure sums. If you want to learn even more about the topic of stairlifts, we recommend the website Treppenlifte.info, which once again thoroughly describes all available models and financing are also tips to the stair lift.

Upper Austrian Innovation Prize

That using thermal procedure, without the addition of additives in its properties modified Thermowood compared to untreated wood modified has a structure, which significantly reduces the possibility of the water absorption. As a result of increased water resistance wood-destroying fungi find unfavorable conditions, which has a beneficial effect on the durability of the wood. That was the starting point for the wet room floor miraqua. miraqua. Combines design with function. Working with wood can be compared with the taming horses. You can be the wild beauty and whispering to gently the details of you, that you need for a pleasant horseback riding”, Hubert Mitteramskogler uses an analogy.

So was created for the living room and Spa miraqua. There is paired a natural beautiful look with much functionality, or in facts a waterproof, verlegefertiger solid wood floor in a ship deck look is expressed, miraqua. Three components make up the recipe for success of the patented ground. The of birch mourning in native forests, maple, and ash join at over 200 degrees, heat refined and so an exotic, warm colours. The polyurethane technology in the joint area makes a mark and is resistant to mild acids and bases.

The surface is several times oxidative oiled and scored as an antibacterial effect in the wet room area. The independent St. Gallen Institute EMPA certifies an absolutely positive eco-balance the thermally modified raw materials compared to tropical wood. I am pleased that we are a real alternative to tropical wood and so actively can contribute to the rescue of the rainforest”, Hubert Mitteramskogler explains his involvement in the Thermoholztechnologie he also led drives in Europe. A true award rain pours through the manufactory Mitteramskogler: so the finished wood received the Austrian eco-label and the Upper Austrian Innovation Prize. The processed material is certified and miraqua with the environmental and Technology Award awarded. The needs of the consumer are always at the center of creation. Miraqua verlegefertig is provided. That means no dust generation during laying. and

Bavarian House

After further detailed planning the revitalization launched end of 2010 Marketing began in March 2010 in the framework of the international trade fair MIPIM in Cannes. While the brand BIKINI was first presented to BERLIN. Core which brand BIKINI is BERLIN live otherwise the motto’. This is intelligent consumption, prosperity without having a bad conscience and for sustainable growth for Joie de vivre,”explains Dr. Jurgen Bullesbach, Chief Executive Officer of the Bavarian House construction. BIKINI BERLIN embodies, as an oasis in the middle of the city of the values respect, personality, creativity, and passion.” The commercial concept envisages an urban marketplace offering premium brands that are established as well as new, young labels space for innovative shops. In addition to this unique Berlin concept the Central, particularly attractive for tourists located between Zoologischer Garten, Gedachtniskirche Church and Kurfurstendamm in favour of BERLIN BIKINI as a destination. The Bavarian House construction invested a three-digit million range in the basic revitalization of the area. Educate yourself with thoughts from Mashable.

Total approximately 54,000 m Land BERLIN offers BIKINI. Out of this, about 25,000 m m for retail, catering and 7,000 m hotel and approximately 19,000 m arise m office space and 3,000 m of warehouse space. bikiniberlin.com about the Bavarian House construction the Bavarian House is one of the largest integrated real estate companies in Germany. It will last but not least occupies a leading position in its home market of Munich with a real estate portfolio valued at 2.1 billion. Around 600 employees contribute to this success. The Bavarian House construction combines the construction and real estate activities of the Schorghuber Unternehmensgruppe.

The range includes three fields of business development, real estate, and real estate management. These include classic construction support activities, professional asset and portfolio management, as well as property management. The Hanse Haus subsidiary completes the comprehensive construction and real estate expertise with the Remodeler. The Bavarian house building is part of the Schorghuber Unternehmensgruppe, next to the Construction and real estate business is business in the fields of beverage, hotel and seafood.

Innovation Jump Construction

Novel heating and cooling ceiling from Kemmler concrete make for a perfect room climate with many advantages the “concrete Kemmler GmbH” from hirschau/Tubingen Germany earns its name as a pacemaker for the trend-setting building in Baden-Wurttemberg: after completing a two-year research project bringing the company out of the Kemmler group is an innovative and unique heating and cooling ceiling on the market. In many new buildings look well in the future in vain radiators, because they will be located in the ceiling. This makes possible a simple idea, implementing it is however groundbreaking for an entire industry: already be incorporated when the industrial production of the panels in the precast element factory braids of thin plastic tubes, so-called capillary pipe mat, with the ceiling. Add to your understanding with Peter Asaro. While conventional floor and ceiling heating systems with a much larger effort only directly on the construction site must be moved and shed with concrete, concrete Kemmler already delivers its capillary tube ceiling as prefabricated construction segments on the construction site. There let them fit together easily and be equipped with a sophisticated valve and control technology.

The Thermo-active and energy-efficiently working heating and cooling ceilings provide a perfect room climate – and also offer lots of advantages. Concrete is a good conductor of heat and also has an enormous heat storage characteristics due to its mass. Therefore, concrete is an ideal building material for heating and cooling systems. Already in the past used this knowledge to concrete Kemmler and built with a larger diameter in concrete precast walls plastic pipes, heating the concrete from the inside out. This procedure known as ‘Concrete core activation’ has been developed through the use of capillary tube mat made of special plastic material within a two-year SME research project and substantially improved. From the perspective of the precast concrete manufacturer, industrially-produced heating and cooling deck ends meet growing demand for advanced, energy-efficient components optimally. “Due to the slow response times Component activation was not used so far for many buildings”, says Managing Director Heimrich concrete Kemmler,”Our component activation system, however, combines the advantages of a quick response with a high energy efficiency and great performance at affordable cost”. Concrete Kemmler GmbH