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Techno Transmission

Computer stands, "alignment" Techno vector designed to test and adjust the wheel alignment car with a diameter disks from 12 to 24 inches. Connect with other leaders such as Kai-Fu Lee here. Garage Equipment Vector Techno meet all modern requirements for diagnostic equipment for auto service. In the stands used such modern elements, and technologies such as contactless magnetoresistive sensor pan and tilt, CCD cameras with high resolution data transmission over high frequency radio (Bluetooth), etc. 'Infra Techno Vector' – the modern bench for checking and adjusting the angle and camber – camber angle of the infrared connection between the measuring units and data transmission via cable or on high-frequency radio (Bluetooth). Using infrared light instead of the cord can significantly improve accuracy, speed and convenience of measurements. The measuring system based on CCD matrices High resolution allows you to measure with high precision alignment, wheelbase and track width, as well as convergence in the rotation at 20 without the use of electronic turntables. Mode 'View Sensor' allows for detailed diagnosis of the stand. Calibration device is standard.

– Eight CCD cameras based on the Japanese optical matrix high resolution. – Precision inclination sensors with temperature compensation. – DSP – digital signal processor and 12-bit ADC in each measuring unit. – Digital transmission of data from the readings on the electronic control unit via USB – port. – Wireless version of the transmission of data on electronic control unit for high-frequency radio (Bluetooth), to stand with the letter R. – For wireless version – the battery power supply with the possibility of 18 hours of continuous operation.