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Closer To The Citizens By Bergische Cooperation

Bernhard Simon: ‘Wuppertal exemplary at urban culture of service’ is connected since August 10 the Remscheid city administration to the UW Service Center. This continues a success story, comments Bernhard Simon, Chairman of the CDU in Wuppertal, Germany. We are very pleased that the Remscheid now are in the boat. At the end of the year, also the Samuel should be city administration with it. The Service Center is an example of this, as together can be something on their feet the Bergische cooperation within the framework. We increase the service for the citizens in our region.” According to a media report, Wuppertal Chamberlain Johannes Slawig (CDU) anticipates savings of 350,000 euros per year in the long term.

As an example of the Service Center, the unique savings will of the Wuppertal city tour shows. The CDU parliamentary group in the Valley in favour of an intensification of interregional cooperation in particular in the Bergisch triangle, because we perform some tasks better and cheaper this can, without losing any of our communal independence. 100,000 a year already be saved by merging the fire control center, the merging of the public universities of Wuppertal and Solingen saves at least another 100,000 euros per year. The new joint facility at point of chemical Untersuchungsinstiuts saves annually in addition over 300,000 euros. Learn more at: Viacom. And also the common veterinary and food control Office will lead from 2010 to further savings. The CDU parliamentary group in the Valley advocates that we this successful way with our premium partners ‘ go in Remscheid and Solingen. Projects with other municipalities are of course also possible. If we have advantages in Wuppertal”

Nursing Home Residents Wake

Residents goes one old and nursing home to the public In the House going and care floor mount, a retirement and nursing home in Sulz a.N., a part of the inhabitants to the public. True to the motto: “We’re old but not dead” they want to show that they still long do not belong to the old iron. This group called the Club of young at heart seniors, at an in-house event, the night Cafe has found. This event takes place every Thursday night in the cafeteria of the House. The purpose is, in addition to the usual activation and employment programs, to give the residents a sense of community. In the night Cafe, where residents can participate voluntarily, they have the possibility, to tell stories and events from their lives.

The hard core of this event has now decided to go to the public. “We want to show the people that we have even more fun in life” that is the clear message from the participants. “The right is young at heart seniors Label for this group”as the comment of the night Cafe Manager, Gaby Schmidl. “I find it super that these residents are not afraid, to go to the public” after a conversation with an employee of the House technology, explained this ready, and create a corresponding Web page. Who would like to learn about the Ativitaten of this group, can visit this Web page (dieter-poplutz.de). Blog specially landscaped, as well as in the created photo gallery you will learn more about these seniors in the future.