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Glycerol Glycerol

Also, taurine is effective stimulator of growth hormone and a powerful antioxidant, including partly preventing injuries ligament-articular apparatus. Alpha-lipoic acid Alpha-lipoic acid enhances insulin metabolism even at the presence of insulin resistance (or insensitivity to insulin). Insulin resistance is a condition in which the body produces enough insulin in response to raise blood glucose levels, but not respond properly to insulin. This breakdown in our day has become quite common. Alpha-lipoic acid is included in the number of creatine transport systems because it has a powerful effect on metabolism insulin, even in people who have metabolic disorders. Studies in diabetics who suffered from insulin dependent diabetes, showed that alpha-lipoic acid increases the the use of tissue glucose entering the blood, at the same time improving the functional properties of mitochondria associated with aging.

In addition, alpha-lipoic acid is essential for creating an enabling environment in the stomach, necessary for better Absorption of creatine. All this means that the use of alpha-lipoic acid enhances the absorption of creatine. Also, alpha-lipoic acid increases production of glutathione (one of the most powerful natural antioxidants that prevent catabolic processes in the body). L-glutamine amino acid L-glutamine – a key participant in the cellular metabolism of insulin level. Experiments have shown that enrichment of diet L-glutamine may even prevent the start of insulin imbalance in the body. L-glutamine is included in many transportation systems to increase the amount of creatine cells and muscle growth.

In addition, it prevents overtraining, improves brain function and, finally, is well known for its anti-catabolic properties and immunnostimuliruyuschimi. Different salts of the phosphate group phosphate (disodium, magnesium, potassium) – another group of substances that can improve the penetration of creatine in the blood. Phosphate salts in the composition of many creatine products are used to convert creatine into ATP, allowing you to increase strength and endurance in the use of such additives. Glycerol Glycerol accelerates the absorption of creatine by the body, feeding each muscle cell to more creatine than normal release form of creatine. Glycerol acts as a comprehensive approach to antiobezvozhivaniyu and volumizing your muscles (but not water retention, like many conventional forms of release of creatine). In addition, glycerol improves the taste of creatine powder. Proteins and amino acids in view of the fact that some transport systems is the protein component of creatine (mainly amino acids and peptides, ready for absorption into the bloodstream, and therefore a very high content of BCAA) use of such products in terms of supplying the muscles with amino acids and their anti-catabolic effects on the body immediately after exercise is justified. All of the above leads to the following conclusion: the use of transportation systems as a supplement to a regular diet helps achieve better results in a set of dry mass and strength compared to using regular creatine.


In addition the money for the research in Venezuela is meagre and political factors play a very important role, lately being or not with the regime is crucial to implement a project. In developed countries, the money abounds for research, but still stands at a high only to this level. It is not surprising that in addition, comment that young talent, flexible and open-minded spirit, feels crushed by the inflexibility and closure; by political instability, by power groups that you manage to universities, threads, then be impatient, he cannot abide apathy against opportunities, extrapolates and concludes that it has no future. If it stays in the company to fight, it is likely that ends up being the sheep black and eventually will be pointed out as a scapegoat; be sacrificed, group cohesion enlarges and consolidates the static configuration. Why best talent goes, and does so because it has options, because you can place on other side, starting a business, or leaving the country; While which are considered to have no options will remain where they are clinging to their current employment, reinforcing organizational climate of rigidity Mieres added, unlimited use of laboratories, computers, computer software and printers are things that every researcher has since the first day at the University, because these are the minimum conditions in order to produce. In Venezuela, all researchers working with nails and still perform their research. Therefore, it is not surprising that when they arrive to these countries the Venezuelan talents develop fully. Mieres, stresses that this adds that in Venezuela, the State as main employer requires that you’re with the process or show it if it is possible with signatures on a paper, another way to not post.

Analytical. com adds to all this, the deterioration of the salaries of university professors is not solely a trade problem:-discourages attracting the best talent to the academic activity; -Stimulates the existing talents to better remunerated offers leak; -Es source of demoralization of the teaching staff, affecting their academic productivity; -The above becomes more vulnerable to our UCV from attempts to curtail or reduce its autonomous regime. It is the responsibility of CU to take measures to safeguard decent income for academic staff. The status of academic center of excellence is threatened by the low salaries.